Saturday, December 22, 2007

Working on websites.... all day Getting Ready for ASIA Trip

I've had a meager 20 minute cardio session today. Ran to and fro the gym, and got in an intense Level 15 .... 10 minute program on the stairmaster before I had to leave for my family Christmas dinner.

I've felt the need to return to the gym, but I'm chest deep into working on my website. I've been watching / listening to Youtube internet marketing / affiliate /adwords videos for the past 4 hours all while trying to transform my 1st website from my personal training service advertiser to an Internet Health and Fitness Prescription (

I leave for Tokyo on Dec 26th for 7 days then on to Bangkok & Singapore for another 8 days. I plan to exercise this trip whereas my last trip was basically a "damage the temple" trip with mega-drinking sessions every night when I went to Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Manila.

Well, back to the web editing

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Have you exercised "at all" today?

If you haven't ..... as I haven't I will right now.... I will finish this later!
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