Sunday, May 18, 2008

Second Chance ... OH NO Another Pigeon Problem

As you know I've been sitting at my "home office" many hours a day working on my exercise information website The pigeon laid the second set of eggs under the fire escape on a ledge. It has been sitting on the eggs and has made a very nice nest.

I was hoping the eggs would hatch and I'd have 2 new baby pigeons but the unthinkable has happened!!!! The restaurant which is below my apartment which has been vacant for almost 2 years has a new owner.


By Monday they will come destroy the eggs and I will be pigeon-less. I don't know what to do. I will ask my friends over at pigeon talk what they would do.

I want to help them, but I can't keep them here, there is a business to run and there's no room for pigeons and their guano which could drop on customer's heads down below.

What should A Pigeon Do ?

Friday, May 2, 2008

San Francisco Personal Training Exciting Pigeon News

What an exciting last few days! The pigeon version of Jerry Springer is going on all around me.

First of all the pigeons are flying onto the street sigh which hangs over busy Folsom St. in San Francisco California and having sex! It is so weird because they never land on the sign.

Every time I see them on the sign they have sex. Now other pigeons, a new one I call TarFoot, because his feet are covered in tar comes to mate right in front of me, like they are auditioning for an episode of Jerry Springer.

Then I noticed a retarded pigeon. I had never seen it before. I feed the pigeons oats and they eat them every day and the retarded pigeon (I actually think it's a baby because it chirps when it gets its ass kicked by my daddy pigeon and it can't fly very well) came and tried to eat the oats.

Needless to say My daddy pigeon wasn't having any of that.

The little pigeon hasn't come back, I think it's learned its lesson. Sex, fights, drama, it's like the pigeon Jerry Springer is coming to town.

Today the momma pigeon started to make a new nest UNDER the fire escape this time. Out of sight from the crow. Amazingly enough, the nest is right on top of the pigeon spikes, which she somehow bent over. she is down there right now and I think she is trying to lay an egg. I stuck my camera through the fire escape to take a picture at around midnight.

All the while I've been working on while I procrastinate working on my San Francisco Personal Training website
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