Saturday, March 29, 2008

Suprise, Suprise the pigeon laid another egg

There are now 2 eggs in the rusty coffee can on my fire escape. The fat pigeon laid the egg 2 days ago. I noticed another pigeon comes and switches places with the pigeon every once in a while.

This is bad news for the 3 pigeon eggs under my fire escape. I have never seen a fat pigeon sitting on them. One would be impossible because the egg is in the middle of those wonderful pigeon spikes.

I guess bad parents exist for all animals

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

San Francisco personal Trainer trying to Act ?

I spent over an hour today trying to record introductions to various pages of my San Francisco personal training website. I think I may have taken over 200 takes and every single one of them is not up to my expectations.

This may be due to the fact the construction guy was drilling, nailing or filing every 30 seconds. j + k fitness studio where I have trained for over 3 years is having progress made. It is going to be interesting to have a new place to train when the street facing larger studio is finished.

I have an intro on my site now, and it sounds like I'm nervous and I look fidgety. It is very annoying. I think I may just have to spend 5 minutes and write down what I want to say for every page intro. It is the obvious solution, but I'm too retarded to do it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pigeon Egg in Rusty Coffee Can on Fire Escape

I woke up today and looked out to my fire escape and in the rusty coffee can on my rusty fire escape it a bright white brand new pigeon egg. Right in the center of the nest the 2 pigeons created.

9am the pigeons showed up and are keeping watch on their egg. I think the eggs under the fire escape are from another pigeon.

A client of mine said I have too much time on my hands, or something to that effect, but I think it is better than cable to have pigeons on my fire escape. I'm hoping to catch the egg hatching with my new HD camcorder. Right now the pigeon is sitting in the can with a white feather in it's beak sitting on the egg staring at me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Pigeons in a Coffee Can BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS

Lately I have been fascinated by pigeons. Ever since I moved my desk near my window I noticed the pigeons that roost on my fire escape. Even though I hate birds, I have a reason, I enjoy the company of the pigeons.

I noticed 2 eggs under my fire escape which are unhatched and I'm hoping to catch the hatching eggs on my new Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder. Right this moment the 2 pigeons are bringing leaves and twigs to the rusty coffee can to build a nest. I think the eggs are going to hatch soon.

I remember these pigeons on my fire escape a couple of years ago, and I noted the ghetto nasty pigeon laying in that coffee can for what seemed to be months. These two pigeons do not seem to be very ghetto though, if there is such a thing.

The reason I hate birds is because throughout my life, I have had bad experiences. Namely 3 specific times when birds got the best of me that I remember.

1. A couple of years ago, when I finally got sick of having a car in the city, I went to the Harrison St. carwash. As I was washing my car I noticed pigeons above the cinderblock wall which made up the carwash. I couldn't resist, I sprayed them with the power washer forcing them to relocate.

Just as I got done drying the car the people were going to come look at it in about 10 minutes. I looked up and there was a GIANT amount of pigeon shit on it. It looked as if someone poured out a COMPLETE bottle of 1000 island dressing on my car. I looked up and a pigeon was perched on the washer hose holder just staring at me, saying "what ?"

2. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to the duck and geese pond in foster city so we could throw bread to the ducks. It ended up being throwing bread near me and I would get hoarded by the giant geese (who were taller than me at the time) and ducks.

3. This is the absolute most traumatic event. I was a kid and was at the zoo with my family. I was sitting with my mom eating a hot dog on a picnic bench. There was a seagull on the other side of the table. I remember this like it was yesterday.

The pigeon looked hungry. I pulled pieces of bread off of the hot dog bun and thew at towards the seagull. The bird had no part of that. He walked right past about 3 pieces of the bun, and grabbed the hot dog and ripped it right out of the bun and my mouth and flew off! I remember crying and being afraid.

I think ever since then I have hated birds. They always seem to piss me off or get the best of me. I guess I'm just destined to die of the bird flu!

Monday, March 17, 2008

HOORAY! I Passed My Japanese Test!

Unbelievably I passed my Japanese my test on Saturday. I just checked my grades 2 minutes ago and got an 87% I needed a 80% to pass. I'm so excited. I was thinking of quitting if I was forced to take the last class again.

I have said it before but this time I WILL dedicate more time to study. I really love learning Japanese, it keeps my mind sharp, and will pay off if I move there one day.

With my dedication to Japanese reminding of some flaky clients and people flaking on their fitness goals. You can dedicate 75% and still make progress. Just as I didn't study 100% and passed, you don't need to put in 100% effort to make progress. When you give 0% effort is when you fail.

If you are like me and are very busy don't stop your exercise 100%, Keep exercising a little bit, maintain, and when you are ready to kick into high gear, go ahead and do it.

Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Japanese Beginning 3 Test in about 9 hours

I should have been studying Japanese for my final tomorrow morning for all my free time today. Instead I spent a few hours today working on a new page for my website

I decided to do a page about outdoor activities to do in San Francisco. I created a map of the city divided in districts and some of the activities I have did.

I got a chance to put up some pictures which I have taken over the years. Even though I didn't use the highest quality and made them small, I think they look great. It really motivates me to get out there and ride around the city and take some pictures.

I have to get back to studying my Japanese, the Kanji (characters) are surprisingly the easy part this time around. The translation is incredibly difficult and I'm glad I don't have to translate all the phrases, but I have to know whether my classmates are saying the right thing. I will make sure to drink a bunch of coffee tomorrow.

I have been eating very unhealthy lately and today I think it's catching up to me. I had a salad today with fresh vegetables, but I ate 2 loafs of bread with it, and a berry crepe with ice cream and whipped cream.

I should really get back to studying.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Starting to get Rolling on My New Website

I have 4 pages out of 50 I have planned. A lot of work ahead. It has taken a while of me messing around with the website template for me to realize that if I try to be a .html and javascript programmer, it will take years for me to get anything done.

I have been working on my site and I have my last page about body fat, which I hate writing about I'm about to finish. I turned in a rough draft today for an article I'm writing about a shoulder workout which focuses on stability.

I then applied for the college football guide at There is a snowball's chance in hell that I would get this job, but it would be a dream job. I don't care how little the pay would be, being a college football super fan and getting paid for it would be a tremendous job.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bloogin' in the Morning, Bloggin' in the Evening, Bloggin @ Supper Time!

I wrote last night that I would write a blog in the AM and PM, so here I go in the AM. Today is a day where my personal training schedule is light, so I must get some stuff done. I have many things on my list but the first is to write an article which I will submit the rough draft.

The article rough draft is needed by the website this week, because they are filming a video shoot this weekend. The article is about shoulder stability which I basically got my Master's degree in so I will have do dig out some old knowledge out of this almost 30 year old brain of mine.

I wrote another article for ezine articles which is about "Getting Religious and Using Religion to Help Weight Loss" which I know is the best method for myself to keep my diet in check.

I am an overeater and I have found myself many many times overeating and thinking, "Why the HELL am I eating so much?" If I am mindful of the food I'm eating before I eat, I will not eat as much. Food control is a theme in all religions to my knowledge.

The article has a good point, but I didn't take enough time to write it as well as I could have. I don't think people care about good articles on Ezinearticles, I think they care more about keywords. In the health and fitness field they tend to read more articles based strictly on exercise science rather than opinion, humor, or ideas. I know this by seeing of the 11 articles I have posted, the ones about "building chest" or "6pack Abs" are most popular.

I do give RAVE REVIEWS to Ezine Articles though! They have not only sent great traffic to my websites and and but they rewarded me with a gift! They sent me a really nice, big, high quality coffee mug in the mail. Sorry to ruin the surprise anybody out there writing for them.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Terrible bicycle Accident in San Francisco bay Area

I heard about the terrible bicycle accident in which a cop fell asleep at the wheel and veered into 3 bicyclists going 40Mph. My condolences to the 2 people who died and their families.

I just finished writing my wordpress blog. This is disappointing because my plan at the beginning of January was to blog here on blogger in the morning and blog at wordpress at night.

I will try to get back on the bandwagon next week after I spend most of this week's free time studying for my Japanese Final for Beginning 3 this coming Saturday. It will be no joke.

I finally got to the gym this afternoon and had a good workout. I did some bench press, some dumbbell incline 1 arm bench press, then I did 30 minutes of Cardio while I studied my Kanji Flash cards.

I have recently been addicted to this wonderful site. It is pretty self explanatory but definitely worth checking out

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh MY God! I totally forgot to blog on Blogger!

I've busy working on my 6pack Abs Abdominal website I found some good keywords which I am trying to take advantage of.

I got in a bike wreck yesterday. Another crazy, no helmet wreck in which I was left completely 100% unscaved. This time I was riding about 1/2 speed as usual on my way home from work. I had a bag of groceries and had it in my left hand. What I didn't realize is the bag was swinging and it got caught in the front spokes. This of course had to happen right as I was running a red light.

I flipped over the handlebars and was pounded head first into the street in front of the oncoming traffic. I got up, and my bike was missing a front spoke and clunking along, but it survived. I got that adrenaline rush after and have felt no ill effects since. Lucky!

My last wreck, (in the pic) I was crossing Van Ness on Mission st. one of the busiest and largest intersections in the city. I was probably going 80% of maximum speed and I hit a homeless drunk on a bike. I must have flew over my handlebars like 10 or more feet.

I was on the way to the personal training session with no helmet :( and I walked my bike the next 5 blocks with a bent front wheel. Again I received absolutely no damage to my body. I feel like Bruce Willis' character on Unbreakable!
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