Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Pigeons in a Coffee Can BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS

Lately I have been fascinated by pigeons. Ever since I moved my desk near my window I noticed the pigeons that roost on my fire escape. Even though I hate birds, I have a reason, I enjoy the company of the pigeons.

I noticed 2 eggs under my fire escape which are unhatched and I'm hoping to catch the hatching eggs on my new Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder. Right this moment the 2 pigeons are bringing leaves and twigs to the rusty coffee can to build a nest. I think the eggs are going to hatch soon.

I remember these pigeons on my fire escape a couple of years ago, and I noted the ghetto nasty pigeon laying in that coffee can for what seemed to be months. These two pigeons do not seem to be very ghetto though, if there is such a thing.

The reason I hate birds is because throughout my life, I have had bad experiences. Namely 3 specific times when birds got the best of me that I remember.

1. A couple of years ago, when I finally got sick of having a car in the city, I went to the Harrison St. carwash. As I was washing my car I noticed pigeons above the cinderblock wall which made up the carwash. I couldn't resist, I sprayed them with the power washer forcing them to relocate.

Just as I got done drying the car the people were going to come look at it in about 10 minutes. I looked up and there was a GIANT amount of pigeon shit on it. It looked as if someone poured out a COMPLETE bottle of 1000 island dressing on my car. I looked up and a pigeon was perched on the washer hose holder just staring at me, saying "what ?"

2. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to the duck and geese pond in foster city so we could throw bread to the ducks. It ended up being throwing bread near me and I would get hoarded by the giant geese (who were taller than me at the time) and ducks.

3. This is the absolute most traumatic event. I was a kid and was at the zoo with my family. I was sitting with my mom eating a hot dog on a picnic bench. There was a seagull on the other side of the table. I remember this like it was yesterday.

The pigeon looked hungry. I pulled pieces of bread off of the hot dog bun and thew at towards the seagull. The bird had no part of that. He walked right past about 3 pieces of the bun, and grabbed the hot dog and ripped it right out of the bun and my mouth and flew off! I remember crying and being afraid.

I think ever since then I have hated birds. They always seem to piss me off or get the best of me. I guess I'm just destined to die of the bird flu!

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