Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bloogin' in the Morning, Bloggin' in the Evening, Bloggin @ Supper Time!

I wrote last night that I would write a blog in the AM and PM, so here I go in the AM. Today is a day where my personal training schedule is light, so I must get some stuff done. I have many things on my list but the first is to write an article which I will submit the rough draft.

The article rough draft is needed by the website this week, because they are filming a video shoot this weekend. The article is about shoulder stability which I basically got my Master's degree in so I will have do dig out some old knowledge out of this almost 30 year old brain of mine.

I wrote another article for ezine articles which is about "Getting Religious and Using Religion to Help Weight Loss" which I know is the best method for myself to keep my diet in check.

I am an overeater and I have found myself many many times overeating and thinking, "Why the HELL am I eating so much?" If I am mindful of the food I'm eating before I eat, I will not eat as much. Food control is a theme in all religions to my knowledge.

The article has a good point, but I didn't take enough time to write it as well as I could have. I don't think people care about good articles on Ezinearticles, I think they care more about keywords. In the health and fitness field they tend to read more articles based strictly on exercise science rather than opinion, humor, or ideas. I know this by seeing of the 11 articles I have posted, the ones about "building chest" or "6pack Abs" are most popular.

I do give RAVE REVIEWS to Ezine Articles though! They have not only sent great traffic to my websites fitSF.com and 6packQuest.com and HealthandFitnessRx.com but they rewarded me with a gift! They sent me a really nice, big, high quality coffee mug in the mail. Sorry to ruin the surprise anybody out there writing for them.


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