Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements have long been the best seller at your local "health food" store.

Another pet peeve of most serious personal trainers is the "local health food" store which is really just another way for supplement companies to push their ineffective, unsafe, untested, money making weight loss supplements such as the infamous fat burners.

The top selling weight loss supplements are usually just a doctored up caffeine pill. They sell because they work, and they work because they're an addicting low potency form of speed.

They are one of the few supplements people "feel" working because the caffeine stimulates their central nervous system.

The negatives are the jittery caffeine side effects and the down when a person discontinues use. Not to mention all of the dangers which are associated with misuse.

Other weight loss supplements include appetite suppressants which rarely achieve any clinical success and nutrient blockers such as alli which work but have nasty side effects.

The sad truth about weight supplements is there is no limit to what people will believe. In this weeks top 5 Shocking Weight Loss Secrets which was a parody article someone actually inquired about getting the "gold covered" weight loss supplement which was a total joke.

The first entries on the list were meant to be so audacious that by the time the reader got to the Al Qaeda led terrorist weight loss program they would be seriously scratching their head.

The point which needs to be mentioned 1,000,000,000,000+ times is There are No Secrets to Weight Loss ... Period

Overall instead of using weight loss supplements it is best to go on a fat loss diet or change your nutrition to a healthy diet which you can use your entire lifetime.

The point is, a solid nutrition program based on healthy foods will always be better than weight loss supplements or fat loss diets no matter what the circumstances.
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