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Elevated Feet Spiderman Push-ups

Elevated Feet Spiderman Push-ups
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Swiss Ball Reverse Back Extensions

Swiss Ball Reverse Back Extensions
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Stability ball floor reverse low back extentions

Stability ball floor reverse low back extentions
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Stability Ball Cobra

Stability Ball Cobra
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Stability Ball Back Crunches

Stability Ball Back Crunches
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BOSU Balance Trainer Prone Cobra Posture Exercises

BOSU Balance Trainer Prone Cobra Posture Exercises
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BOSU Balance Trainer Lower Back Crunches

BOSU Balance Trainer Lower Back Crunches
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Total Gym Hip Extensions Glute Isolation Exercise Butt Burn

Total Gym Hip Extensions Glute Isolation Exercise Butt Burn
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Total Gym Squat Jumps Home Legs Exercise

Total Gym Squat Jumps Home Legs Exercise
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Stability Ball Lat Stretch Lats Static Stretching

Stability Ball Lat Stretch Lats Static Stretching
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Piriformis Glutes Static Stretching Stretch for Butt

Piriformis Glutes Static Stretching Stretch for Butt
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Piriformis SMFR Glutes Self Myofascial Release Corrective

Piriformis SMFR Glutes Self Myofascial Release Corrective
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Stability Swiss Ball Kneeling Chest Pecs Static Stretch

Stability Swiss Ball Kneeling Chest Pecs Static Stretch
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IT Band Self Myofascial Release TFL Iliotibial Band SMFR

IT Band Self Myofascial Release TFL Iliotibial Band SMFR
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Calves SFMR Self MyoFascial Release for Gastrocnemius muscle

Calves SFMR Self MyoFascial Release for Gastrocnemius muscle
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Monday, August 18, 2008

Healthy Cheap Protein Smoothie Costco Style

Found a cheap way to make tremendously healthy, delicious smoothies which don't break the bank account. Went to Costco and picked up EAS whey protein and 2 bags of Radar farms mixed berries (blueberries, marionberries and raspberries).

Went to local store and picked up a bunch of ripe bananas, which I peeled and froze. Blend 1/2 cup berries and 1.5 scoops protein powder with 1/2 the frozen banana and a delicious high protein smoothie which is the perfect texture.

Here is a basic breakdown of the cost and ingredients. You can change the amount of protein, add milk or yogurt, use more berries or a whole banana depending on your preference for extra protein or carbs.

TOTAL COST (est. 30-70 smoothies)
Protein 6lbs $30
2 bags Berries $20
Bananas (store) $3

Cost Per smoothie around $1.00

Optional Yogurt or Milk

Calories per Smoothie
1.5 scoops of protein: 210 calories, 40 grams protein, 3.5 grams fat, 5 grams carb.
1/2 cup berries: 35 Calories, 8 grams carbs
1/2 banana 50 Calories 13 grams carbs

Total: 295 Calories, 40 Grams Protein, 26 grams Carb, and 3.5 grams fat

Make sure to check out my website about helping people achieve their fitness goals as a Personal Trainer

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements have long been the best seller at your local "health food" store.

Another pet peeve of most serious personal trainers is the "local health food" store which is really just another way for supplement companies to push their ineffective, unsafe, untested, money making weight loss supplements such as the infamous fat burners.

The top selling weight loss supplements are usually just a doctored up caffeine pill. They sell because they work, and they work because they're an addicting low potency form of speed.

They are one of the few supplements people "feel" working because the caffeine stimulates their central nervous system.

The negatives are the jittery caffeine side effects and the down when a person discontinues use. Not to mention all of the dangers which are associated with misuse.

Other weight loss supplements include appetite suppressants which rarely achieve any clinical success and nutrient blockers such as alli which work but have nasty side effects.

The sad truth about weight supplements is there is no limit to what people will believe. In this weeks top 5 Shocking Weight Loss Secrets which was a parody article someone actually inquired about getting the "gold covered" weight loss supplement which was a total joke.

The first entries on the list were meant to be so audacious that by the time the reader got to the Al Qaeda led terrorist weight loss program they would be seriously scratching their head.

The point which needs to be mentioned 1,000,000,000,000+ times is There are No Secrets to Weight Loss ... Period

Overall instead of using weight loss supplements it is best to go on a fat loss diet or change your nutrition to a healthy diet which you can use your entire lifetime.

The point is, a solid nutrition program based on healthy foods will always be better than weight loss supplements or fat loss diets no matter what the circumstances.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Best Protein Supplement Muscle Building Supplements

Protein is very important as everybody knows, but how important nobody knows. After thoroughly researching protein supplements on PUBmed and other sources I could not find any concrete evidence which gave exact requirements and recommendations with references.

From my experience I think protein is essential to supplement in the active diet. The best protein supplement for me is EAS myoplex in the form of powder. Even though it is a meal replacement and messy it has more than enough protein and plenty of vitamins, minerals and extras to be the best muscle building supplement to a healthy diet.

I made sure that on my page about the best protein supplement I only talked about protein as a supplement to real food rather than a meal replacement. I think the average person will do better with solely protein because it is lower in calories than meal replacements and I assume they will be eating excess calories.

To me the best protein supplement is a blend of multiple form of whey which is most importantly easily mixable. To me taste means nothing, but I'm sure to most people it means everything. The best protein supplement must taste good which fortunately most products today do.

The best muscle building supplement is also the best protein supplement. That is a statement which many people will probably argue, but I believe eating a healthy diet along with multivitamin and supplementing with the best protein supplement will help avoid the high calorie saturated fat which accompanies most meats.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dietary Supplements & Nutrition Information

This blog has been a good learning experience along with my other blog. I started in January this year and didn't know anything at all about blogging. I used the site sort of like a half personal and half public journal.

Now since I have learned how to properly use the blog and my writing has began to suck less I can finally see light at the end of the tunnel. From this day forward this blog which is named after my old website HealthAndFitnessRx.com will be devoted to dietary supplements and some nutrition.

This works out perfectly because the name, health and fitness Rx, which means prescription is aptly named to talk about the benefits and pitfalls of dietary supplements.

My other blog will be devoted to exercise information.

So far the time devoted towards AskTheTrainer.com has been primarily devoted to exercise, anatomy and physiology information. This blog will give me a chance to focus on the pages which I have already put on my sitemap which deal with protein powders, weight loss supplements, fat loss supplements, muscle gaining supplements and herbal supplements such as the best green tea diet supplement and much more.

I'm currently working on a page about the best antioxidant supplements which I started but need to do a little more research before I can finish.

Friday, June 20, 2008

San Francisco Personal Training

Since I now am a convicted blogger I have jointed my first blog community. http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/health

I have a big update which I may publicize soon to my website dedicated to the best exercise information.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Pigeon Post - Ready to Fire Back Up Blog about new Topic

It has been awhile since I've graced the wonderful pages of blogger. I've been posting every few days on my wordpress blog about you guess it, San Francisco Personal Training, actually I've been talking about many different topics.

One of those topics is not, or will not be pigeons. Unfortunately the pigeons were eradicated from the building which is a good thing. Their nests were all cleared out from the building because of a new restaurant which is moving below.

Even a day after they got cleared out they laid 2 eggs. It only took 2 days before I saw the eggs smashed either by pigeon spikes or this annoying crow which I want to shoot with a beebee gun outside my bedroom window. The restaurant is being ported over from Lombard st. and is called MercurySF which looks to be pretty cool.

My tail bone feels like I'm in the 15th hour of a 16 hour flight so I will sleep now. I will sleep on the new topics I want to focus on. Its sad to see the pigeons gone but good because they were distracting me.

I actually like pigeons a lot now and realize that they are more like humans than I thought, just stupid. They stay with the same mate like a husband and wife at all times which I admire them for, hey, actually, that makes them pretty stupid in my book.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Second Chance ... OH NO Another Pigeon Problem

As you know I've been sitting at my "home office" many hours a day working on my exercise information website AskTheTrainer.com The pigeon laid the second set of eggs under the fire escape on a ledge. It has been sitting on the eggs and has made a very nice nest.

I was hoping the eggs would hatch and I'd have 2 new baby pigeons but the unthinkable has happened!!!! The restaurant which is below my apartment which has been vacant for almost 2 years has a new owner.


By Monday they will come destroy the eggs and I will be pigeon-less. I don't know what to do. I will ask my friends over at pigeon talk what they would do.

I want to help them, but I can't keep them here, there is a business to run and there's no room for pigeons and their guano which could drop on customer's heads down below.

What should A Pigeon Do ?

Friday, May 2, 2008

San Francisco Personal Training Exciting Pigeon News

What an exciting last few days! The pigeon version of Jerry Springer is going on all around me.

First of all the pigeons are flying onto the street sigh which hangs over busy Folsom St. in San Francisco California and having sex! It is so weird because they never land on the sign.

Every time I see them on the sign they have sex. Now other pigeons, a new one I call TarFoot, because his feet are covered in tar comes to mate right in front of me, like they are auditioning for an episode of Jerry Springer.

Then I noticed a retarded pigeon. I had never seen it before. I feed the pigeons oats and they eat them every day and the retarded pigeon (I actually think it's a baby because it chirps when it gets its ass kicked by my daddy pigeon and it can't fly very well) came and tried to eat the oats.

Needless to say My daddy pigeon wasn't having any of that.

The little pigeon hasn't come back, I think it's learned its lesson. Sex, fights, drama, it's like the pigeon Jerry Springer is coming to town.

Today the momma pigeon started to make a new nest UNDER the fire escape this time. Out of sight from the crow. Amazingly enough, the nest is right on top of the pigeon spikes, which she somehow bent over. she is down there right now and I think she is trying to lay an egg. I stuck my camera through the fire escape to take a picture at around midnight.

All the while I've been working on AskTheTrainer.com while I procrastinate working on my San Francisco Personal Training website fitSF.com

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I checked on my pigeons on my rusty fire escape last night before I went to bed at about 11:30pm. The baby was doing good and the ugly dad was in the nest (rusty can) with it.

I don't like the father pigeon because it was a wimp. Every time I would look out the window it would fly off and leave the baby exposed to predators and the cold weather. The father usually had the night shift of sitting on the eggs or being with the baby.

The pretta fat momma pigeon would never leave her baby. She sat there and would whip at my hand and peck my hand if I got too close while giving her rice, oats and popcorn for food, very protective. She usually took over at around 12 noon sitting in the nest and feeding duties.

Every day around 9am I would see a giant black crow fly up on my fire escape and when it saw me it would fly off immediately. The pigeons were always looking up in the sky for hawks? crows?

I woke up this morning and was immediately saddened when at 8:45am I looked out the windows and saw an empty nest (can). I saw the father and mother walking on the fire escape as if they were looking for the baby.

The mother was still outside on the fire escape at 6pm calling out for her baby and at 9pm now she is still out there perched above the pigeon spikes next to the fire escape.

What do you think happened ? I don't know but have surveyed the crime scene and I'm treating this as foul play.

There is no way a cat could get to my fire escape unless it climbed up a tree, jumped onto the bars sign and jumped off that onto the fire escape.

I have upstairs neighbors who could come down my fire escape and steal it, but that is unlikely. They have a dog, so I would doubt they have a cat and I don't think it could have made it back up the fire escape stairs.

I surveyed the crime scene and have found no blood on the fire escape, in the next or on the sidewalk below, so I don't think the baby got out and fell.

There was evidence of a struggle. I circled in red a piece of cookie I gave to the pigeons. In one picture the baby is sitting next to it, and when I looked out first thing this morning, the bread was outside the can (nest.)

Does this suggest death from above? The baby was pretty big, could a crow go in, scare off the father and take the baby with not spilling a drop of blood?

A hawk could have I think? Why is the bread out of the can? Why is there no blood?

or... were my upstairs neighbors pissed I kept opening and shutting the window to video the pigeons and kidnapped it? I guess I will never know :(

The pic is the last time momma and baby were together :( how sad :(

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Baby Pigeon is Getting Older


I couldn't imbed it because I loaded it into lame google video because the file size was too big.

I have noticed the black ugly pigeon is a wimp where the pretty momma light pigeon is not afraid of me.

It is a sad day today because I realized the second egg was broke and had not chance to hatch, so I grabbed it and threw it in the street, it was hard boiled by the sun a few days ago. I didn't want too many flies to come up.

I feel lucky to checking out this baby pigeon grow up all because I've been working on my new website AskTheTrainer.com

I've been wanting to change my San Francisco Personal Training website fitSF, but I've been wrapped up with the other site which takes me like 2 days a page at least.

I uploaded another video a couple nights ago on youtube which I thought was really cool.

Monday, April 14, 2008

1 egg Hatched - Is Mother Nature or God Sending me Messages ?

The picture on the Right is the actual baby pigeon on my fire escape.

The pigeon on the left is a picture of Balut which I found online.

March 24th is when I first noticed the pigeon in the rusty coffee can on my fire escape. I noticed the pigeons sharing nest building duties. A couple days later I noticed an egg in the center of their nest. March 29th I noticed 2 eggs in the can. I was anxious for them to hatch and looked out there often.

I finally read online that it takes 18 days of the fat pigeon sitting on the egg for them to hatch. I waited patiently and a couple days ago I noticed the fat pigeon was sitting on a baby pigeon.

SURPRISE baby pigeons are yellow.

I want to catch the second egg hatching on camera with my canon hg10 high definition camcorder but I don't know when it will hatch as the pigeon is sitting on top of it.

Here is where the story gets interesting...

I got to work Saturday morning. As I was walking into j + k fitness studio on Mission St. I noticed an uninvited guest. No JOKE, a wounded pigeon had made it's way down the 40 yard hallway and into the studio. As I walked in, it was hopping and hopped into the bathroom. I took a towel and followed it, until I could throw the towel over it and transport it back out onto mission st.

I thought, that was crazy, here is Mr. Pigeon Blogging San Francisco Personal trainer and for the first time in 3 1/2 years a pigeon enters my workplace. It was almost as if the pigeon was calling me for help.

My client I was training at the time has been dealing with many possibly serious health problems such as blood clots and possible cancer. It was the first time I had trained him in 3 months.

My father also had his last chemotherapy for non Hodgkin's Lymphoma the previous Saturday.

This had me thinking whether mother nature, god, or whoever is sending me signals about something ???? any ideas ?

Then off to Japanese Class which is in Pacific Heights / Japan Town. I was on my break, I walked down to Bush to a corner store to get a sandwich.

On the way out, Guess what ? Another wounded pigeon was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk! It wasn't there on the way in. I was kind of freaked out.

I got home from Japanese class a couple hours later and low and behold a pigeon egg hatched. I took a video of it and a picture of the baby pigeon.

It's not over... I get to the studio on Sunday to train a client and in the fridge is Balut from one of Jae's clients Ray, who I have been half jokingly talking about bringing me. Balut is not just duck eggs, but duck Embryo, an unhatched baby duck boiled in the egg! Balut is Filipino delicacy. THAT PICTURE OF BALUT (ABOVE) IS FROM THE NET, NOT MINE!

Last thing, today, when a pigeon flew out of the can, it accidentally dropped it's egg out of the can! So I went out on the fire escape and took a piece of tissue and put the egg back in the can.

All these things are coincidence? I am usually skeptical about every supposedly supernatural occurance, but could this be supernatural ?

Is God, Mother nature, Buddha, or whoever you believe in Sending me a message of some kind ? The reason I have noticed these pigeons so much is because I've been working countless hours on my new website AskTheTrainer.com I am perplexed and hope I don't have any more bird experiences.

The only logical explanation I can think of is this time of year Spring. During spring it is the time for birds to hatch.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

San Francisco Personal Training Pigeons sitting on eggs

I finally gave in and went online and researched pigeons. It turns out they always lay 2 eggs. This time the 2 eggs happen to be on my rusty fire escape in a rusty coffee can.

I had been anxious to catch the eggs hatching on my canon hg10 high definition camcorder, but I read that it takes 18 days for pigeon eggs to hatch under the right conditions.

I assume that fat momma pretty pigeon knows what the proper conditions are so I will hopefully see them hatch in about a week and a half.

I have been working long hours on my new website AskTheTrainer.com so I've been just sitting here with the pigeons. I look to my right now and see the big fat pretty momma pigeon just sitting in her rusty ghetto can.

I have noticed that there are 2 pigeons who take shifts sitting on the eggs. One comes at around 1pm and flies up to the railing of the fire escape, hops down to a pillow and then flies into the can.

The patience these pigeons have is amazing, I think the impatient pigeons' eggs will not survive. I blogged about the eggs under the fire escape.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Suprise, Suprise the pigeon laid another egg

There are now 2 eggs in the rusty coffee can on my fire escape. The fat pigeon laid the egg 2 days ago. I noticed another pigeon comes and switches places with the pigeon every once in a while.

This is bad news for the 3 pigeon eggs under my fire escape. I have never seen a fat pigeon sitting on them. One would be impossible because the egg is in the middle of those wonderful pigeon spikes.

I guess bad parents exist for all animals

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

San Francisco personal Trainer trying to Act ?

I spent over an hour today trying to record introductions to various pages of my San Francisco personal training website. I think I may have taken over 200 takes and every single one of them is not up to my expectations.

This may be due to the fact the construction guy was drilling, nailing or filing every 30 seconds. j + k fitness studio where I have trained for over 3 years is having progress made. It is going to be interesting to have a new place to train when the street facing larger studio is finished.

I have an intro on my site now, and it sounds like I'm nervous and I look fidgety. It is very annoying. I think I may just have to spend 5 minutes and write down what I want to say for every page intro. It is the obvious solution, but I'm too retarded to do it.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pigeon Egg in Rusty Coffee Can on Fire Escape

I woke up today and looked out to my fire escape and in the rusty coffee can on my rusty fire escape it a bright white brand new pigeon egg. Right in the center of the nest the 2 pigeons created.

9am the pigeons showed up and are keeping watch on their egg. I think the eggs under the fire escape are from another pigeon.

A client of mine said I have too much time on my hands, or something to that effect, but I think it is better than cable to have pigeons on my fire escape. I'm hoping to catch the egg hatching with my new HD camcorder. Right now the pigeon is sitting in the can with a white feather in it's beak sitting on the egg staring at me.

Monday, March 24, 2008

2 Pigeons in a Coffee Can BIRDS BIRDS BIRDS

Lately I have been fascinated by pigeons. Ever since I moved my desk near my window I noticed the pigeons that roost on my fire escape. Even though I hate birds, I have a reason, I enjoy the company of the pigeons.

I noticed 2 eggs under my fire escape which are unhatched and I'm hoping to catch the hatching eggs on my new Canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder. Right this moment the 2 pigeons are bringing leaves and twigs to the rusty coffee can to build a nest. I think the eggs are going to hatch soon.

I remember these pigeons on my fire escape a couple of years ago, and I noted the ghetto nasty pigeon laying in that coffee can for what seemed to be months. These two pigeons do not seem to be very ghetto though, if there is such a thing.

The reason I hate birds is because throughout my life, I have had bad experiences. Namely 3 specific times when birds got the best of me that I remember.

1. A couple of years ago, when I finally got sick of having a car in the city, I went to the Harrison St. carwash. As I was washing my car I noticed pigeons above the cinderblock wall which made up the carwash. I couldn't resist, I sprayed them with the power washer forcing them to relocate.

Just as I got done drying the car the people were going to come look at it in about 10 minutes. I looked up and there was a GIANT amount of pigeon shit on it. It looked as if someone poured out a COMPLETE bottle of 1000 island dressing on my car. I looked up and a pigeon was perched on the washer hose holder just staring at me, saying "what ?"

2. When I was a kid, my parents used to take me to the duck and geese pond in foster city so we could throw bread to the ducks. It ended up being throwing bread near me and I would get hoarded by the giant geese (who were taller than me at the time) and ducks.

3. This is the absolute most traumatic event. I was a kid and was at the zoo with my family. I was sitting with my mom eating a hot dog on a picnic bench. There was a seagull on the other side of the table. I remember this like it was yesterday.

The pigeon looked hungry. I pulled pieces of bread off of the hot dog bun and thew at towards the seagull. The bird had no part of that. He walked right past about 3 pieces of the bun, and grabbed the hot dog and ripped it right out of the bun and my mouth and flew off! I remember crying and being afraid.

I think ever since then I have hated birds. They always seem to piss me off or get the best of me. I guess I'm just destined to die of the bird flu!

Monday, March 17, 2008

HOORAY! I Passed My Japanese Test!

Unbelievably I passed my Japanese my test on Saturday. I just checked my grades 2 minutes ago and got an 87% I needed a 80% to pass. I'm so excited. I was thinking of quitting if I was forced to take the last class again.

I have said it before but this time I WILL dedicate more time to study. I really love learning Japanese, it keeps my mind sharp, and will pay off if I move there one day.

With my dedication to Japanese reminding of some flaky clients and people flaking on their fitness goals. You can dedicate 75% and still make progress. Just as I didn't study 100% and passed, you don't need to put in 100% effort to make progress. When you give 0% effort is when you fail.

If you are like me and are very busy don't stop your exercise 100%, Keep exercising a little bit, maintain, and when you are ready to kick into high gear, go ahead and do it.

Life is a marathon not a sprint.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Japanese Beginning 3 Test in about 9 hours

I should have been studying Japanese for my final tomorrow morning for all my free time today. Instead I spent a few hours today working on a new page for my website fitSF.com

I decided to do a page about outdoor activities to do in San Francisco. I created a map of the city divided in districts and some of the activities I have did.

I got a chance to put up some pictures which I have taken over the years. Even though I didn't use the highest quality and made them small, I think they look great. It really motivates me to get out there and ride around the city and take some pictures.

I have to get back to studying my Japanese, the Kanji (characters) are surprisingly the easy part this time around. The translation is incredibly difficult and I'm glad I don't have to translate all the phrases, but I have to know whether my classmates are saying the right thing. I will make sure to drink a bunch of coffee tomorrow.

I have been eating very unhealthy lately and today I think it's catching up to me. I had a salad today with fresh vegetables, but I ate 2 loafs of bread with it, and a berry crepe with ice cream and whipped cream.

I should really get back to studying.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Starting to get Rolling on My New Website

I have 4 pages out of 50 I have planned. A lot of work ahead. It has taken a while of me messing around with the website template for me to realize that if I try to be a .html and javascript programmer, it will take years for me to get anything done.

I have been working on my site and I have my last page about body fat, which I hate writing about I'm about to finish. I turned in a rough draft today for an article I'm writing about a shoulder workout which focuses on stability.

I then applied for the college football guide at about.com There is a snowball's chance in hell that I would get this job, but it would be a dream job. I don't care how little the pay would be, being a college football super fan and getting paid for it would be a tremendous job.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Bloogin' in the Morning, Bloggin' in the Evening, Bloggin @ Supper Time!

I wrote last night that I would write a blog in the AM and PM, so here I go in the AM. Today is a day where my personal training schedule is light, so I must get some stuff done. I have many things on my list but the first is to write an article which I will submit the rough draft.

The article rough draft is needed by the website this week, because they are filming a video shoot this weekend. The article is about shoulder stability which I basically got my Master's degree in so I will have do dig out some old knowledge out of this almost 30 year old brain of mine.

I wrote another article for ezine articles which is about "Getting Religious and Using Religion to Help Weight Loss" which I know is the best method for myself to keep my diet in check.

I am an overeater and I have found myself many many times overeating and thinking, "Why the HELL am I eating so much?" If I am mindful of the food I'm eating before I eat, I will not eat as much. Food control is a theme in all religions to my knowledge.

The article has a good point, but I didn't take enough time to write it as well as I could have. I don't think people care about good articles on Ezinearticles, I think they care more about keywords. In the health and fitness field they tend to read more articles based strictly on exercise science rather than opinion, humor, or ideas. I know this by seeing of the 11 articles I have posted, the ones about "building chest" or "6pack Abs" are most popular.

I do give RAVE REVIEWS to Ezine Articles though! They have not only sent great traffic to my websites fitSF.com and 6packQuest.com and HealthandFitnessRx.com but they rewarded me with a gift! They sent me a really nice, big, high quality coffee mug in the mail. Sorry to ruin the surprise anybody out there writing for them.


Monday, March 10, 2008

Terrible bicycle Accident in San Francisco bay Area

I heard about the terrible bicycle accident in which a cop fell asleep at the wheel and veered into 3 bicyclists going 40Mph. My condolences to the 2 people who died and their families.

I just finished writing my wordpress blog. This is disappointing because my plan at the beginning of January was to blog here on blogger in the morning and blog at wordpress at night.

I will try to get back on the bandwagon next week after I spend most of this week's free time studying for my Japanese Final for Beginning 3 this coming Saturday. It will be no joke.

I finally got to the gym this afternoon and had a good workout. I did some bench press, some dumbbell incline 1 arm bench press, then I did 30 minutes of Cardio while I studied my Kanji Flash cards.

I have recently been addicted to this wonderful site. It is pretty self explanatory but definitely worth checking out http://HotChicksWithDoucheBags.com

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh MY God! I totally forgot to blog on Blogger!

I've busy working on my 6pack Abs Abdominal website 6packQuest.com I found some good keywords which I am trying to take advantage of.

I got in a bike wreck yesterday. Another crazy, no helmet wreck in which I was left completely 100% unscaved. This time I was riding about 1/2 speed as usual on my way home from work. I had a bag of groceries and had it in my left hand. What I didn't realize is the bag was swinging and it got caught in the front spokes. This of course had to happen right as I was running a red light.

I flipped over the handlebars and was pounded head first into the street in front of the oncoming traffic. I got up, and my bike was missing a front spoke and clunking along, but it survived. I got that adrenaline rush after and have felt no ill effects since. Lucky!

My last wreck, (in the pic) I was crossing Van Ness on Mission st. one of the busiest and largest intersections in the city. I was probably going 80% of maximum speed and I hit a homeless drunk on a bike. I must have flew over my handlebars like 10 or more feet.

I was on the way to the personal training session with no helmet :( and I walked my bike the next 5 blocks with a bent front wheel. Again I received absolutely no damage to my body. I feel like Bruce Willis' character on Unbreakable!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally Did Cardio Tonight FREE MOVIE TICKETS

I did cardio for 30 minutes on level 15-17 on the stationary bike tonight. I would have used another cardio machine, but at 24 hour fitness where I usually workout there were none available. I ended up burning over 400 calories which is averaging over 12 calories per minute.

I went to Safeway and found lean cuisines were on sale. I like them because they taste great, most have a good proportion of carbs to protein and low fat, and they have no preservatives. The best part tonight, was Safeway is having a promotion where if you buy 10 of certain things (Lean Cuisines included) you get 2 free movie tickets.

The last movie I wanted to see was Rambo. Cloverfield was the last movie I saw and it was AMAZING I may add. I like action movies, all other movies I really despise. I don't goto the movie theater for a heavy dose of reality. I think people who do either need or are getting psychiatric help.

I am trying to go to sleep earlier these days and wake up earlier, today I set my alarm for 8am and hit the snooze and didn't get productive until 10:30 AM I bought coffee today so I will make it first thing in the morning.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Ball is Rolling....

I started my big website project just about 5 minutes ago. I hired a computer programmer / website designer. The designer was a competitive price so I chose to go with them. I will review the website in about a month when my project is done. They happen to be in Pakistan which is why they offer such a competitive.

Today is also the first day in which I will shoot videos with my new canon HG10 High Definition Camcorder.

I will be back later to finish this post


I went to the gym and only had time to do my weight routine, where I did 3 sets of pull ups, 3 sets of bench press 3 sets of biceps and triceps exercise. I then rushed home and got ready for videos today in full 1080I 15mbps HD and I know it is overkill but it was definitely a learning experience.

I found on video, it is virtually impossible for me to be myself. I guess I'm a natural born actor. I haven't put the videos on my computer yet, I'm afraid of the huge amount of memory they are going to take up. They will also cause me to install a bunch of new programs on my already cluttered hard drive. Tonight I have made it a priority to go to bed at midnight so I can set my alarm for 8am.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Another Brutal Japanese Class! OH My God

Throughout my 18+ years of school, I have always been a slacker when it comes to studying and I have always succeeded. This Japanese class I'm in, is going to change me. Today I was dazed and confused from lack of study. I love studying Japanese and hopefully will live in Tokyo some day.

Today I decided that I want to move to Japan next summer! In order to move there, I require of myself, a better understanding of their language. The other thing I need is an income online. I don't think I will be able to get any job in Japan other than an English teacher. It is very hard in Japan to get a job, unless you work for a company and are sent there, or are a CEO of a large company.

From my time in Japan, I noticed that 1/2 of the foreigners there are total losers and the other 1/2 are investment bankers. If I move there as planned, I will be the oldest English teacher over there probably but it will be worth it because I believe the quality of life there is much better than here. Shit, I'll move there strictly for the vending machines, I'd probably go broke from the vending machines as well.

If you have never been to Tokyo, there are vending machines on every street and alley with hot and cold beverages which are yummy. They are only around 100-150 yen or around $1-1.50. I miss them so, I wonder why there is none in the United States?

Today is the big day. In a short while I will choose my www.SiteBuildit.com Domain Name! I figured out what I want the domain to be, and it will be the site which AskTheTrainer.com Forwards To.

Friday, February 22, 2008

This is America People! The attitude that Everybody Should have is...

That you can accomplish anything if you put your mind to it. It is a free country and if you have the motivation to do something, there is no reason you shouldn't try your best to accomplish it whether it something you may think is difficult or something easy.

Just the sheer magnitude of the internet makes it fun to create information products aka websites and see if you can tap into even a small fraction of the estimated 600,000,000 internet users around the world.

I'm currently working on the plan for my AskTheTrainer.com site. I am using this program called Site Build it to build the website. It is the best program for creating websites because it gives you very specific guidance and motivation. I searched online for hours trying to find 1 single negative review of SBI or Site Build it, and Couldn't find any negative reviews.

It guides you step by step and tells you the dos and don'ts as well as hosts your site, chooses your domain name and offers top notch customer support. Well I have to get back to my website. www.SiteBuildit.com is their website.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

almost 2 months of blogging so far...

I am kind of amazed that I've kept up blogging since the beginning of this year. I've made an effort to blog twice a day. One here and the other on wordpress. Even though there is no method to my madness it is pretty fun for me.

I know if a psychotherapist read my blogs he or she would recommend me take some anti ADD drug. I think this would actually help. I may be able to write some good material. When I focus I am actually a pretty good author. I have 9 articles so far on Ezinearticles.com I also have an article which I will have published next month on a website. I will post that link once it gets published.


Since I've been sitting around so much lately working online, I haven't exercised as much, but I've exercised to a higher intensity which is cool, I'm not burned out from doing cardio every single day. Today I did 10 minutes on the stairmill and another 10 on an elliptical and I was out of the gym.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Losing momentum on personal training websites

I have been wrapped up in my big multi-billion dollar idea and have stopped planning my new fitness website AskTheTrainer.com and stopped studying my Japanese.

It is so exciting and would be so much fun to be part of a new exciting business venture which would revolutionize the internet world. The only problem I have is I'm the man with the plan, and that's it. If another company had the same idea as me, they could start and put patents and copyrights on the software.

I have no know how in the world of business and I need to find a person who has the capital and likes my idea and is fair. My best method is to keep my mouth shut until I find a way to either create something which is protected by a copyright or trademark law.

Today I trained 2 clients boxing which has been fun lately. I usually only train people in boxing if they are not doing their cardio outside of the training sessions. I didn't do cardio again, but lifted a little weights. I'm getting fat and need to start doing cardio if I continue to eat like a horse.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Ventura capital website idea

Finally get a chance to blog some more. What will I blog about? Today I had a busy day where I met an old client who is about to be a father of 2 for brunch. We went to Pork Store Cafe where I guzzled 3 cups of coffee and ate a giant order of pancakes with fruit on top.

We talked about random stuff and our current web projects. His project which he has been working on for years is a really awesome polished product, which he says "will rule the world!" My ideas for expensive ventures he thought were cool but have hurdles to deal with.

I have the domains I would like to work with but my ideas require a lot of manpower, or should I say Geek Power. I still think they would be successful if they are developed to my specifications. The advantage I have when coming up with ideas is I think like an 8th grader still.

I think this is a good quality to have because if the 8th grader in me likes the idea, I'm sure the 29 year older will like it too, maybe I have a multiple personality issue here? I have been in contact to a computer guy from Stanford who has been very helpful. He has kept it real, and is interested in my idea, but told me how complicated it would be to get everything up and running.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

personal trainer San Francisco

Today I started the day off waking up at 8am after around 6 hours of sleep to go to Japanese class. I did surprisingly well for not really studying. Again I found the class fun and enjoyable but need to have a better studying routine during the week. I have my kanji list out in front of me at this moment but it does me no good If I'm just sitting here typing.

I took a cab to class at 8:40 and got to class early. I walked home at 12 or so which took about 30 or so minutes. I immediately went online and looked on ebay at some domains which I have been eying. Fortunately I won the domain I really wanted and the second domain I lost, but the winning bidder backed out, and I got a second chance offer. I don't know if I want to accept.

I had only 3 personal training sessions today but they went smoothly. One client brought Gatorade's new product G2 and it tasted pretty good. It was pretty much the same as regular Gatorade but they replaced some of the sugar with splenda.

I have a splitting headache right now, I don't know why, but I think I will take a power nap.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

personal training san francisco

yes, the title is the same, I guess that it helps my search engine rank go up. We will see, personally I hate to do it, but if it works what can you do?

Today was a day where I actually did cardio for the 1st time in a while. I think my little left toe is healing properly. I don't know if I mentioned but I kicked the door and thought I broke it. The first day I was limping pretty bad, but today I'm walking fine but can't put any serious pressure on it.

I'm working hard editing my keywords from site build it. I pretty much have the exact picture of my site AskTheTrainer.com in my head, now comes the very time consuming part of doing the videos with my Canon HG10 and all the pictures of all the exercises with clients.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Personal training in San Francisco

I'm back after a hectic day. Pretty hectic for not doing much. I went to Japanese class and got worked because I haven't studied in a week or so. I've been too wrapped up in working online to do really anything much lately. I need to study my Japanese more often. I really enjoy it and it is challenging. I really like to speak it, even though my vocabulary is below a Japanese 1st grader level. They did some direct translation today which was super confusing and worthless. I could go on and on about how difficult it is, especially since kanji was introduced.

I didn't workout today although yesterday I had a short & sweet intense weight training session at the studio. I did walk home from Japanese class which took about 30 minutes. Tomorrow is a busy chore day and happens to be Valentine's Day as well. I have laundry piled up like crazy which I need to do, and some house cleaning.

I was talking about a paid article which I wrote and submitted. The editor enjoyed it and asked if I would like to write another. I would definitely like to write another. It is a good mental exercise writing an article which is specifically for educating and entertaining people. The grammar and structure is what I find most difficult. I have published a few articles online and it seem like other people read them. Ezine articles has a bunch here http://ezinearticles.com/?expert=Michael_Behnken

I also posted an article on EHOW, which is a site I just found out about. I like the site, very little Spam and it seems like the community is more mature. http://www.ehow.com/how_2199098_exercising-less-than-minutes-day.html

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Personal Trainer San Francisco is About to get Busy

It's Sunday night around 12 midnight. I have been in front of the computer for hours this last month and my web design has taken a slow positive turn. When I first started working on websites again in the middle of January, I started trying to rush out pages as fast as possible. I was so anxious to get a new website out I really just threw out pages.

What I now realize is that throwing out pages is definitely the wrong thing to do. When I would make a page and put it on my website, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the navigation and page names and keywords. Now that I started site sell, I realize that all the things you do before the page is made, is what really makes a website successful.

The web is all about FREE traffic. You can easily pay google or yahoo or msn for traffic, but it could make you go broke very fast. The funny thing that happened is I made an abs site, because I was always looking at them online. I make 6packQuest.com as a fun side-project, but it turns out that the keyword 6pack has not been used at all for abs. My site has ranked high on google, and I've got some free traffic which is cool.


I may have forgot to mention but yesterday I stubbed my little toe on the bathroom door. I didn't realize it at the time, but I really broke it I think. I tried to run to the gym, but could barely put any weight on it. I limped my way to the gym and did a pretty decent high rep weight workout.

I set the bar as high as it would go on the squat rack, and did sets of 10-15 pullups immediately followed by supine row/pull ups. This way I didn't have to jump or land. I then super-setted both those with sets of 50 pushups. I finished off with some preacher curls and triceps kickbacks, limped back home, picked up a half gallon of milk, and here I am.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Site Building Marathon.

I have spent all but 3 hours today from 9am working online! I stubbed my toe really bad on my bathroom door. My sock is bloody from my smashed little toe. It put me in a bad mood and I didn't make it to the gym. I didn't feel like walking and I didn't want to get my bicycle stolen in the ghetto 24 hour gym parking lot either.

I started my site build it site. I think I screwed up and didn't find enough high traffic keywords yet. I did get many great ideas for AskTheTrainer.com I have been having fun today putting ads up for my abs site, 6packQuest.com At first it was pretty cheesy, but it started getting some decent google free traffic and I edited it a bit.

I only trained a couple clients today. One has a knee problem that is puzzling me. I forget what it was called. It motivates me to get the NASM CES certification, which is corrective exercise specialist. I am planning on getting that certification for my next continuing education. I think I will go to sleep tonight and get myself on a normal schedule.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Finally Found a Spare Second to BLOG

I have been immersed in the crazy world of SBI which is a web host which shows you how to build a successful website. This is not the way I have ever went at anything, perhaps it is why I have failed. FitSF is a great site, but if I wanted to make it a national website, I have already failed with the domain name. SBI has you choose the domain name on day 6.

This program is very in depth and focuses on preparation. It actually gives you 10 days to learn and prepare before you start your site. This is to make sure you choose a site which will be competitive with the search engines.

It is a good way to approach many things I guess. To learn a lot about it and prepare intensely until you know exactly what you are doing. I hardly ever do this, and it is painful to me to try to figure stuff out. I'm actually listening to one of their tutorial videos right now.

My website will be devoted to women and their problem areas. To my surprise there is not much competition with specific body parts like waist, thighs, legs and arms.


Today I sprinted to the gym and lifted weights for about 20 minutes. I did dumbbell shoulder press, some biceps concentration curls and then sprinted home, quick and painful, speaking of painful, I woofed down a giant sandwich before I had to goto the gym to train clients. Alka Selzer helped my intense stomach pain. Word of advice, don't cram a giant sandwitch down your gullet in 2 minutes!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yet another Personal Training Website!

Just when I thought I had enough, I got another personal training website tonight. I got it through this program called site build it. They are actually a web host who specialize in making websites for beginners but not only making sites, promoting them as well. I still haven't started AskTheTrainer.com :( but my vision of how I want the site to look is pretty clear. I just have to put in the time, which will be significant.

I searched all over the internet and youtube and could not find 1 single negative comment about site build it, so I figured I have to give it a try. I haven't figured out what my domain will be, but I will choose a theme which I do not currently have a website about. I was thinking big arms, but I want women and men to both be interested in my content.

I got a message back from the website which I may write some articles for. I don't know if the editor read the article but I'm sure he will edit some of it. I stand by my work and think it is a great article. I've never been as focused on anything before as this web business. The second I heard about how you can monetize ANY website, I was hooked and I've spent every waining moment for the last month thinking about, and working online to establish a web presence and eventually get total control over my time.


Today I sprinted pretty hard to the gym and got right on the upright stationary bike and pedaled on level 15 until I burned 300 Calories, it took 24 minutes while I was reading my Kanji manga book and listening to the prodigy on my ipod. I then sprinted home and went to train my clients.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I Love To Answer Questions!!!

Some how I stumbled upon yahoo answers. It is a part of yahoo which they don't publicize that much. It is basically a bunch of people asking questions, I don't know where these people are, but they ask tons of questions. These questions are posted so anybody with a yahoo 360 profile can answer them. This means sometimes kids or people that don't know anything are answering the questions about health and fitness.

I look at it as a good way to not only help people but practice informational writing. The best part about yahoo answers is it is a game. When someone posts a question and the answers are posted, someone chooses the best answer and you get points for it. Luckily you are only allotted a certain amount of points per day. If there was no limit, I would probably get in the zone and answer questions for hours in a row. I can put a link to my site fitSF.com on there too so if people need more help they can just go there!


I had an abbreviated weight training workout today. I was on the phone with ATT advertising for almost an hour today and it left only 30 minutes to get to the gym and back. I sprinted off and on to the gym and got there and even though I bench pressed heavy on Sunday, I decided to again! I tried 295 and couldn't get it up even though 275 was easy. It brings me to advice I would give somebody, take a week off of lifting that body part if you want to lift for a max.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Writing not Only Takes All the Energy out of Me but...

makes me angry as well. I just finished a 1000 word article for a website that will hopefully allow me to write future articles. I took literally 5 hours to write the article. It is annoying to me that it takes so many edits and changing ideas to write a small article.

To me it is all about good writing though. If I wrote a trash article I would totally not be proud of it and wouldn't want people to read it. I have to head to the gym to train clients in 2 hours and I am about to head to the gym. I still have 1000 things I want to do, but I will definitely make time for my cardio session.

I put some links up on AskTheTrainer.com just in case anybody types that URL and goes there. I have the site ready to start really but I have been wrapped up in writing and submitting articles.

I ordered a Canon HG10 HD HDD camcorder last night and will be stressed about taking exercise videos in the coming months. Youtube is definitely the way to go to get exposure and I'm confident in my ability to project myself as a fun, knowledgeable, trustable personal trainer.

I just got off the phone with my old manager Chris Bettencourt who is a trainer in Palo Alto at Vivre which is a private gym in Palo Alto. We talked about possibly helping each other doing some workout videos. He is an intense dude, and a great trainer.


Today I will not lift weights. Yesterday I took it easy on the cardio machine becasue I was watching the 1st quarter of the superbowl. Today I plan to have a ton of energy and blast over to the gym and do some stairmaster or stepmill to get me super sweaty and out of breath and begging for mercy.

Sunday, February 3, 2008


I woke up early and worked on my website fitSF.com and then went to the gym and started watching the superbowl while on the cardio bike. I had a pretty good lifting session before I did my cardio too. I saw a friend at the gym and went to safeway where I bought 70 bucks worth of groceries. She was going to give me a ride home so I could stock up on stuff. I spent 70 dollars and right now I can honestly say I have no idea what I bought. Don't you hate when that happens?

I came home and watched what was one of the best football games I have seen in many years. The circumstances really made it great. I always root for the underdogs and this game I feel the Giants were the ultimate underdogs. My heart was racing and I saw maybe the best play of all time. With less than a minute left, Eli Manning was sacked... no wait, he wasn't he amazingly got out of a gauntlet and threw up a prayer. The prayer was answered by an absolutely amazing freak catch by an unknown receiver Tyree.

After I'm done watching this NFL love fest on the post game show I will start getting down to business. I have to finish the article I am hopefully getting paid for an online website. I am also looking to start working on my new website AskTheTrainer.com I am hoping I can also study a little Kanji tonight for my Japanese class.

I put some of other people's articles on my website fitsf.com today and I found it difficult to find worthy articles. The free fitness articles that I post are 10x better than most I've read. I don't know if I'm just good at writing about this stuff or other people just put out very average uninspired waste of cyberspace articles.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

How Many things Can YOU do at Once?

I'm getting sick of dealing with my problem. I know it affects many people but I'm wondering if I truly suffer from a mental disorder. It may sound bad, but it really is not that bad. I've been told I have ADD by many people. I sometimes have no ability to focus.

So I had a very light day today, basically from 3pm til now, I've accomplished absolutely nothing. I didn't work out, I didn't finish any web pages, and I didn't study my Japanese. I'm just kind of aimlessly updating 3 websites and 2 blogs at the same time. All this while I'm bidding on an ebay auction, checking the results on UFC events, reading about yet another mall shooting, albeit this one was apparently a robbery attempt. I'm also thinking of acting on my major plan which is a secret!

I did talk to an old client of mine, now a father of a growing boy and a second kid in 3 weeks, congratulations BIG D. He is an expert computer programmer and we're planning on having lunch sometime next week to talk about venture capital and the software requirements and more stuff.

Last night I did publish all my temporary sites with links back to my up and running sites. AsktheTrainer.com which is my main site and HUGE project that I haven't started I am having trouble even starting. FitnessTrainerLIVE.com which was the domain I was going to use before I reached deep in my poor pockets and shelled out the cash to get askthetrainer. I also have AskaTrainerLIVE.com AsktheCPT.com & AskTheTrainerLIVE.com I haven't decided yet whether I will keep these domains, try to sell them, or just let them run out.

I didn't get a chance to workout today, I should say, I didn't workout today, which lately has become a recurring theme. I did walk from my Japanese class back home which took about 30 minutes, but I wouldn't call that cardio. I plan to go to bed earlier than usual tonight so I can get to the gym refreshed first thing in the morning tomorrow.

I did a great fitness tip of the day yesterday which I really want to leave on my site for a couple days. I definitely think I need many more images and videos on my sites to make them more user friendly. That is why I'm about to spring for a Canon HG10 HD HDD camcorder. I thought I bought one earlier in the week, but the company was selling a Chinese knock off and were out of stock. I got beat out on a bid on ebay earlier today for the same camera. Out of all the reviews I have read, it is my only choice. I think I will work on my San Francisco Personal Training website fitSF.com right now for a bit, or maybe take a nap before I start writing my article for an online website.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Any Venture Capitalists Read Personal Trainer Blogs ?

Nihongo kurasu wa ashita desu. Gozen Kuji kara go go juniji made desu. I just said, "Japanese class is tomorrow. It starts at 9am and ends at 12pm."

I should be studying for my quiz I have to take in the morning but I'm on hold again with my hosting. My hosting is luckyregister.com I think they have tremendous 24/7 customer service and a good price. What I found out, is there bunch of sites which are all godaddy.com sister sites, another which I bought a domain on is sugargodaddy.com

I bought the 3rd domain for my great idea which I hope I can parlay into a huge life changing business venture. What is holding me back? Well, all I am is a personal trainer with 3 domains, an idea, and a vision. I don't know where that leaves me, but I will try my best to figure out a way capitalize on it.

I have told only 1 person about my idea (not fitness related) and he is a Berkeley grad software designer or computer programmer, is there a difference? He thinks it is a good idea. I have emailed a couple venture capitalists and asked them where I stand. They contacted me back, but I will wait until Monday to call them. I should probably research a little more and do a business plan before I contact anybody. This is a problem because I am to a business plan what YOU are to the quadratus lumborum pelvic floor muscles.

Thursday, January 31, 2008

People I Hate & You Should Too!

Well today I found out that the top ranking sites on google selling camcorders at discount prices were selling Chinese versions with no English. I was shocked that companies are allowed to do that. They didn't mention that anywhere on their site. I called about 5 or 6 of them and I got tremendously rude and pathetic service. ShopCartUSA.com bestpricedcameras.com bwayphoto.com techondigital.com you all suck, and should burn in hell, and I hate your guts and hope you all go out of business.

Yesterday I came across another one of my least favorite things. When you're driving down the street or riding your bicycle even, and someone with a street tank, comes to a complete stop to go up a driveway. Ridiculous, they may be driving an hummer H8 with a 400 horsepower engine and 30 inch mud bog tires or a Ford F950 or whatever. You are responsible for our country going to war and you can't even drive up a diveway. You suck and I hate you!

This brings me to the ultimate. I haven't drove in over a year and a half but I still have nightmares of this one. Have you ever been driving in the fast lane and come across a sportscar that probably cost $200,000 and you get stuck behind them. I would usually have to pass them on the right with my 3 cylinder Geo Metro. My point is, if you have a 400 Horsepower BMW m20 either drive fast or get the hell out of the way. If you are a driver of a nice car and drive slow, you should be stripped of your divers license and your car should be given to me, so I can drive as fast as you should be.

I hate you and I'm sure your car does too. You suck!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

personal trainer Constantly Learning, Promoting & Sitting on my Butt

Promoting a website is very time consuming. Starting off there is a lot of entering and re-entering your personal data. I have spent the last 3 hours submitting a single article to article directories. From my limited experience and knowledge I have learned that this is a great way to get your name out there. I haven't even worked on my website fitsf.com today. But I did post a link to my fitness icons page on Digg.com Hopefully people will like it.

I also have a paid article for a website I have to write by the beginning of next week. This is a huge challenge for me because I not only have to divulge a lot of information, I also have to keep the reader's attention and interest. My article is personal training related and since I'm a personal trainer and not a writer it will be very difficult for me.

All this website stuff is tremendously exciting for me. I can see a future of less work and more free time if I continue to get this web stuff going. The only problem is realistically it will take a year or two. At my current pace of spending hours in front of this computer and not getting paid but pennies, I risk the possibility of burnout.

Identifying this is part of the solution, but I know I have to act as well. I need to find some balance and it starts with exercising smart and eating less. I have been eating like a sumo lately with a friend in town and not exercising much. If I exercise intensely for short amounts of time, I shouldn't get too hungry. This will be good because my overall activity level is way down.

Maybe when the weather gets warm again I will start being more active but for now I need to tone down my diet and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. I shouldn't eat out except for social situations. I have personal training today at 5 until 9 so I need to get to the gym within the next hour. Since I lifted weights yesterday I will do my 1st cardio session in almost a week today.


Today I will focus on cardio. Since I haven't did any intense cardio in almost a week, I may take it easy. I have some Kanji (Japanese characters) I need to study for my Saturday morning class so I may choose to get on a machine and work at about 65% of my max heart rate.

I have been mentioning this in my blog very often. If your body is tired or not accustomed to an intense workout, progression is key. Start at a manageable measurable level on a cardio machine and complete your session. You can build on it and next time attempt a more difficult level.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Personal Training on a Rainy Day

I have 10 minutes to get to the gym and of course I'm procrastinating. I am heading there 15 minutes early because one of my clients comes early to do a little cardio before our session. It is good because it gives me some time to prepare some personal training sessions for later in the day.

Got done with all my training sessions and now I'm in writing mode. I'm trying to partition my time between my Japanese studies, writing articles, working on websites, and unfortunately a video game. I got back into this game on my PS3 called God of War II which is a mindless action game based on Greek Mythology. I'm a huge fan of Greek Mythology so when I play it and make progress, I can't stop.

I just finished submitting some articles to ezinearticles.com They are not my best work, but I looked at some of the other articles in the same field and compared to those mine are masterpieces. I will now look at a program that will submit the same articles to multiple websites. It will be a great way to get my name out there in cyberspace. I am still wondering if I should post my articles on fitSF.com or HealthandFitnessRx.com though.


I had an hour break in between clients today. I spent the first 25 minutes doing some bench press and lat pulls along with seated rows. I just loaded 225 on the bar and did about 7 sets of 5 with little rest as possible. I supersetted those with different angle back exercises. I finished with a set of biceps and a set of triceps on dumbbells and cables respectively.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Fine Dining" is Overrated! for the Personal Trainer

I may as well ad eating out to the list as well. After going to this restaurant Boulevard in the financial district I am sitting here writing somewhat disappointed. The place was nice and the food good, but I would say with 100% confidence it was not worth $100+ to eat it.

I would probably feel the same right now if I went to an Indian buffet, bloated, sleepy , tired, and painfully full. The difference is if I went to an Indian buffet I would not be a couple hundred dollars poorer. We Went for a birthday party so I think it's justified but I don't think I want to goto "fine dining" establishments unless it's a social thing. To me it is like spitting in the face of all the poor people.

Speaking of poor people, I learned something last night that made me bad. Every so often I see homeless people begging for money by trying to sell you this fake newspaper called the Street Sheet. I obviously scoffed at these people just as most people do to beggars in the streets here in San Francisco. I found out last night though that the paper is put out so it gives the homeless a quasi legitimate way to earn money.

From now on I will be sure to give the homeless people selling the Street Sheet a dollar or two. I will also spread the word about the Street Sheet to all my personal training clients.

Today is the 2nd to last day my friend Nuchie from NYC is in town. We are going to tour some sites around the city and maybe Marin county. I haven't been working on my blogs or web presence lately but a break is a good thing.


I haven't been working out either very much, but a break sometimes can be a good thing.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Blog so Nice, Gotta do it Twice!

My friend Nuchie flew in from New York City. She is very tired, has been up since 3am west coast time and is crashed right now as I type some more blog

In case you missed my story, I'll type it again below.

Why do I think being a personal trainer and personal training in San Francisco isn't all it's cracked up to be? Being a personal trainer is very great. I very muchlove personal training. The problem with being a great personal trainer and personal training clients many hours a week is just having to have an appointment at one time.

I am a personal trainer because I like personal training clients and watch them achieve their fitness goals. Sometimes it doesn't seem that my clients are really into their personal training sessions. This is when being a personal trainer is most difficult. In San Francisco people have very busy lives and sometimes a personal training session is in the middle of their day and fitness is not something they want to let into their lives, and a personal trainer can do nothing about that.

I am a successful personal trainer. While, personal training my clients I can sometimes see which ones will have success and which ones will fail. Listening to me during the personal training sessions is crucial. As a personal trainer it is must frustrating when a client does not listen to me, especially during the personal training sessions. I will tell them to perform the rep slowly and they always go fast or something like that.

Another thing that they don't listen is fitness advice from their personal trainer. Outside of their personal training sessions is when a personal trainer is most valuable. That is where their fitness goals will be accomplished and their personal training program will show results.
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