Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Personal training in San Francisco

I'm back after a hectic day. Pretty hectic for not doing much. I went to Japanese class and got worked because I haven't studied in a week or so. I've been too wrapped up in working online to do really anything much lately. I need to study my Japanese more often. I really enjoy it and it is challenging. I really like to speak it, even though my vocabulary is below a Japanese 1st grader level. They did some direct translation today which was super confusing and worthless. I could go on and on about how difficult it is, especially since kanji was introduced.

I didn't workout today although yesterday I had a short & sweet intense weight training session at the studio. I did walk home from Japanese class which took about 30 minutes. Tomorrow is a busy chore day and happens to be Valentine's Day as well. I have laundry piled up like crazy which I need to do, and some house cleaning.

I was talking about a paid article which I wrote and submitted. The editor enjoyed it and asked if I would like to write another. I would definitely like to write another. It is a good mental exercise writing an article which is specifically for educating and entertaining people. The grammar and structure is what I find most difficult. I have published a few articles online and it seem like other people read them. Ezine articles has a bunch here

I also posted an article on EHOW, which is a site I just found out about. I like the site, very little Spam and it seems like the community is more mature.

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