Monday, February 4, 2008

Writing not Only Takes All the Energy out of Me but...

makes me angry as well. I just finished a 1000 word article for a website that will hopefully allow me to write future articles. I took literally 5 hours to write the article. It is annoying to me that it takes so many edits and changing ideas to write a small article.

To me it is all about good writing though. If I wrote a trash article I would totally not be proud of it and wouldn't want people to read it. I have to head to the gym to train clients in 2 hours and I am about to head to the gym. I still have 1000 things I want to do, but I will definitely make time for my cardio session.

I put some links up on just in case anybody types that URL and goes there. I have the site ready to start really but I have been wrapped up in writing and submitting articles.

I ordered a Canon HG10 HD HDD camcorder last night and will be stressed about taking exercise videos in the coming months. Youtube is definitely the way to go to get exposure and I'm confident in my ability to project myself as a fun, knowledgeable, trustable personal trainer.

I just got off the phone with my old manager Chris Bettencourt who is a trainer in Palo Alto at Vivre which is a private gym in Palo Alto. We talked about possibly helping each other doing some workout videos. He is an intense dude, and a great trainer.


Today I will not lift weights. Yesterday I took it easy on the cardio machine becasue I was watching the 1st quarter of the superbowl. Today I plan to have a ton of energy and blast over to the gym and do some stairmaster or stepmill to get me super sweaty and out of breath and begging for mercy.

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