Saturday, February 2, 2008

How Many things Can YOU do at Once?

I'm getting sick of dealing with my problem. I know it affects many people but I'm wondering if I truly suffer from a mental disorder. It may sound bad, but it really is not that bad. I've been told I have ADD by many people. I sometimes have no ability to focus.

So I had a very light day today, basically from 3pm til now, I've accomplished absolutely nothing. I didn't work out, I didn't finish any web pages, and I didn't study my Japanese. I'm just kind of aimlessly updating 3 websites and 2 blogs at the same time. All this while I'm bidding on an ebay auction, checking the results on UFC events, reading about yet another mall shooting, albeit this one was apparently a robbery attempt. I'm also thinking of acting on my major plan which is a secret!

I did talk to an old client of mine, now a father of a growing boy and a second kid in 3 weeks, congratulations BIG D. He is an expert computer programmer and we're planning on having lunch sometime next week to talk about venture capital and the software requirements and more stuff.

Last night I did publish all my temporary sites with links back to my up and running sites. which is my main site and HUGE project that I haven't started I am having trouble even starting. which was the domain I was going to use before I reached deep in my poor pockets and shelled out the cash to get askthetrainer. I also have & I haven't decided yet whether I will keep these domains, try to sell them, or just let them run out.

I didn't get a chance to workout today, I should say, I didn't workout today, which lately has become a recurring theme. I did walk from my Japanese class back home which took about 30 minutes, but I wouldn't call that cardio. I plan to go to bed earlier than usual tonight so I can get to the gym refreshed first thing in the morning tomorrow.

I did a great fitness tip of the day yesterday which I really want to leave on my site for a couple days. I definitely think I need many more images and videos on my sites to make them more user friendly. That is why I'm about to spring for a Canon HG10 HD HDD camcorder. I thought I bought one earlier in the week, but the company was selling a Chinese knock off and were out of stock. I got beat out on a bid on ebay earlier today for the same camera. Out of all the reviews I have read, it is my only choice. I think I will work on my San Francisco Personal Training website right now for a bit, or maybe take a nap before I start writing my article for an online website.

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