Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Losing momentum on personal training websites

I have been wrapped up in my big multi-billion dollar idea and have stopped planning my new fitness website AskTheTrainer.com and stopped studying my Japanese.

It is so exciting and would be so much fun to be part of a new exciting business venture which would revolutionize the internet world. The only problem I have is I'm the man with the plan, and that's it. If another company had the same idea as me, they could start and put patents and copyrights on the software.

I have no know how in the world of business and I need to find a person who has the capital and likes my idea and is fair. My best method is to keep my mouth shut until I find a way to either create something which is protected by a copyright or trademark law.

Today I trained 2 clients boxing which has been fun lately. I usually only train people in boxing if they are not doing their cardio outside of the training sessions. I didn't do cardio again, but lifted a little weights. I'm getting fat and need to start doing cardio if I continue to eat like a horse.

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