Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Yet another Personal Training Website!

Just when I thought I had enough, I got another personal training website tonight. I got it through this program called site build it. They are actually a web host who specialize in making websites for beginners but not only making sites, promoting them as well. I still haven't started :( but my vision of how I want the site to look is pretty clear. I just have to put in the time, which will be significant.

I searched all over the internet and youtube and could not find 1 single negative comment about site build it, so I figured I have to give it a try. I haven't figured out what my domain will be, but I will choose a theme which I do not currently have a website about. I was thinking big arms, but I want women and men to both be interested in my content.

I got a message back from the website which I may write some articles for. I don't know if the editor read the article but I'm sure he will edit some of it. I stand by my work and think it is a great article. I've never been as focused on anything before as this web business. The second I heard about how you can monetize ANY website, I was hooked and I've spent every waining moment for the last month thinking about, and working online to establish a web presence and eventually get total control over my time.


Today I sprinted pretty hard to the gym and got right on the upright stationary bike and pedaled on level 15 until I burned 300 Calories, it took 24 minutes while I was reading my Kanji manga book and listening to the prodigy on my ipod. I then sprinted home and went to train my clients.

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