Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finally Did Cardio Tonight FREE MOVIE TICKETS

I did cardio for 30 minutes on level 15-17 on the stationary bike tonight. I would have used another cardio machine, but at 24 hour fitness where I usually workout there were none available. I ended up burning over 400 calories which is averaging over 12 calories per minute.

I went to Safeway and found lean cuisines were on sale. I like them because they taste great, most have a good proportion of carbs to protein and low fat, and they have no preservatives. The best part tonight, was Safeway is having a promotion where if you buy 10 of certain things (Lean Cuisines included) you get 2 free movie tickets.

The last movie I wanted to see was Rambo. Cloverfield was the last movie I saw and it was AMAZING I may add. I like action movies, all other movies I really despise. I don't goto the movie theater for a heavy dose of reality. I think people who do either need or are getting psychiatric help.

I am trying to go to sleep earlier these days and wake up earlier, today I set my alarm for 8am and hit the snooze and didn't get productive until 10:30 AM I bought coffee today so I will make it first thing in the morning.

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