Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Oh MY God! I totally forgot to blog on Blogger!

I've busy working on my 6pack Abs Abdominal website I found some good keywords which I am trying to take advantage of.

I got in a bike wreck yesterday. Another crazy, no helmet wreck in which I was left completely 100% unscaved. This time I was riding about 1/2 speed as usual on my way home from work. I had a bag of groceries and had it in my left hand. What I didn't realize is the bag was swinging and it got caught in the front spokes. This of course had to happen right as I was running a red light.

I flipped over the handlebars and was pounded head first into the street in front of the oncoming traffic. I got up, and my bike was missing a front spoke and clunking along, but it survived. I got that adrenaline rush after and have felt no ill effects since. Lucky!

My last wreck, (in the pic) I was crossing Van Ness on Mission st. one of the busiest and largest intersections in the city. I was probably going 80% of maximum speed and I hit a homeless drunk on a bike. I must have flew over my handlebars like 10 or more feet.

I was on the way to the personal training session with no helmet :( and I walked my bike the next 5 blocks with a bent front wheel. Again I received absolutely no damage to my body. I feel like Bruce Willis' character on Unbreakable!

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