Saturday, February 9, 2008

Another Site Building Marathon.

I have spent all but 3 hours today from 9am working online! I stubbed my toe really bad on my bathroom door. My sock is bloody from my smashed little toe. It put me in a bad mood and I didn't make it to the gym. I didn't feel like walking and I didn't want to get my bicycle stolen in the ghetto 24 hour gym parking lot either.

I started my site build it site. I think I screwed up and didn't find enough high traffic keywords yet. I did get many great ideas for I have been having fun today putting ads up for my abs site, At first it was pretty cheesy, but it started getting some decent google free traffic and I edited it a bit.

I only trained a couple clients today. One has a knee problem that is puzzling me. I forget what it was called. It motivates me to get the NASM CES certification, which is corrective exercise specialist. I am planning on getting that certification for my next continuing education. I think I will go to sleep tonight and get myself on a normal schedule.

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