Sunday, February 10, 2008

Personal Trainer San Francisco is About to get Busy

It's Sunday night around 12 midnight. I have been in front of the computer for hours this last month and my web design has taken a slow positive turn. When I first started working on websites again in the middle of January, I started trying to rush out pages as fast as possible. I was so anxious to get a new website out I really just threw out pages.

What I now realize is that throwing out pages is definitely the wrong thing to do. When I would make a page and put it on my website, I wouldn't pay too much attention to the navigation and page names and keywords. Now that I started site sell, I realize that all the things you do before the page is made, is what really makes a website successful.

The web is all about FREE traffic. You can easily pay google or yahoo or msn for traffic, but it could make you go broke very fast. The funny thing that happened is I made an abs site, because I was always looking at them online. I make as a fun side-project, but it turns out that the keyword 6pack has not been used at all for abs. My site has ranked high on google, and I've got some free traffic which is cool.


I may have forgot to mention but yesterday I stubbed my little toe on the bathroom door. I didn't realize it at the time, but I really broke it I think. I tried to run to the gym, but could barely put any weight on it. I limped my way to the gym and did a pretty decent high rep weight workout.

I set the bar as high as it would go on the squat rack, and did sets of 10-15 pullups immediately followed by supine row/pull ups. This way I didn't have to jump or land. I then super-setted both those with sets of 50 pushups. I finished off with some preacher curls and triceps kickbacks, limped back home, picked up a half gallon of milk, and here I am.

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