Monday, February 18, 2008

Ventura capital website idea

Finally get a chance to blog some more. What will I blog about? Today I had a busy day where I met an old client who is about to be a father of 2 for brunch. We went to Pork Store Cafe where I guzzled 3 cups of coffee and ate a giant order of pancakes with fruit on top.

We talked about random stuff and our current web projects. His project which he has been working on for years is a really awesome polished product, which he says "will rule the world!" My ideas for expensive ventures he thought were cool but have hurdles to deal with.

I have the domains I would like to work with but my ideas require a lot of manpower, or should I say Geek Power. I still think they would be successful if they are developed to my specifications. The advantage I have when coming up with ideas is I think like an 8th grader still.

I think this is a good quality to have because if the 8th grader in me likes the idea, I'm sure the 29 year older will like it too, maybe I have a multiple personality issue here? I have been in contact to a computer guy from Stanford who has been very helpful. He has kept it real, and is interested in my idea, but told me how complicated it would be to get everything up and running.

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