Friday, February 1, 2008

Any Venture Capitalists Read Personal Trainer Blogs ?

Nihongo kurasu wa ashita desu. Gozen Kuji kara go go juniji made desu. I just said, "Japanese class is tomorrow. It starts at 9am and ends at 12pm."

I should be studying for my quiz I have to take in the morning but I'm on hold again with my hosting. My hosting is I think they have tremendous 24/7 customer service and a good price. What I found out, is there bunch of sites which are all sister sites, another which I bought a domain on is

I bought the 3rd domain for my great idea which I hope I can parlay into a huge life changing business venture. What is holding me back? Well, all I am is a personal trainer with 3 domains, an idea, and a vision. I don't know where that leaves me, but I will try my best to figure out a way capitalize on it.

I have told only 1 person about my idea (not fitness related) and he is a Berkeley grad software designer or computer programmer, is there a difference? He thinks it is a good idea. I have emailed a couple venture capitalists and asked them where I stand. They contacted me back, but I will wait until Monday to call them. I should probably research a little more and do a business plan before I contact anybody. This is a problem because I am to a business plan what YOU are to the quadratus lumborum pelvic floor muscles.

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