Monday, June 16, 2008

Last Pigeon Post - Ready to Fire Back Up Blog about new Topic

It has been awhile since I've graced the wonderful pages of blogger. I've been posting every few days on my wordpress blog about you guess it, San Francisco Personal Training, actually I've been talking about many different topics.

One of those topics is not, or will not be pigeons. Unfortunately the pigeons were eradicated from the building which is a good thing. Their nests were all cleared out from the building because of a new restaurant which is moving below.

Even a day after they got cleared out they laid 2 eggs. It only took 2 days before I saw the eggs smashed either by pigeon spikes or this annoying crow which I want to shoot with a beebee gun outside my bedroom window. The restaurant is being ported over from Lombard st. and is called MercurySF which looks to be pretty cool.

My tail bone feels like I'm in the 15th hour of a 16 hour flight so I will sleep now. I will sleep on the new topics I want to focus on. Its sad to see the pigeons gone but good because they were distracting me.

I actually like pigeons a lot now and realize that they are more like humans than I thought, just stupid. They stay with the same mate like a husband and wife at all times which I admire them for, hey, actually, that makes them pretty stupid in my book.

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