Sunday, June 29, 2008

Best Protein Supplement Muscle Building Supplements

Protein is very important as everybody knows, but how important nobody knows. After thoroughly researching protein supplements on PUBmed and other sources I could not find any concrete evidence which gave exact requirements and recommendations with references.

From my experience I think protein is essential to supplement in the active diet. The best protein supplement for me is EAS myoplex in the form of powder. Even though it is a meal replacement and messy it has more than enough protein and plenty of vitamins, minerals and extras to be the best muscle building supplement to a healthy diet.

I made sure that on my page about the best protein supplement I only talked about protein as a supplement to real food rather than a meal replacement. I think the average person will do better with solely protein because it is lower in calories than meal replacements and I assume they will be eating excess calories.

To me the best protein supplement is a blend of multiple form of whey which is most importantly easily mixable. To me taste means nothing, but I'm sure to most people it means everything. The best protein supplement must taste good which fortunately most products today do.

The best muscle building supplement is also the best protein supplement. That is a statement which many people will probably argue, but I believe eating a healthy diet along with multivitamin and supplementing with the best protein supplement will help avoid the high calorie saturated fat which accompanies most meats.


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Reidwilson said...

The importance of protein to the proper functioning of the body led to the development of various types of protein bodybuilding supplements such as Whey Protein. These are designed to help meet up with the body's protein requirement which is needed for larger muscles or better performance. Thanks a lot.

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