Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I checked on my pigeons on my rusty fire escape last night before I went to bed at about 11:30pm. The baby was doing good and the ugly dad was in the nest (rusty can) with it.

I don't like the father pigeon because it was a wimp. Every time I would look out the window it would fly off and leave the baby exposed to predators and the cold weather. The father usually had the night shift of sitting on the eggs or being with the baby.

The pretta fat momma pigeon would never leave her baby. She sat there and would whip at my hand and peck my hand if I got too close while giving her rice, oats and popcorn for food, very protective. She usually took over at around 12 noon sitting in the nest and feeding duties.

Every day around 9am I would see a giant black crow fly up on my fire escape and when it saw me it would fly off immediately. The pigeons were always looking up in the sky for hawks? crows?

I woke up this morning and was immediately saddened when at 8:45am I looked out the windows and saw an empty nest (can). I saw the father and mother walking on the fire escape as if they were looking for the baby.

The mother was still outside on the fire escape at 6pm calling out for her baby and at 9pm now she is still out there perched above the pigeon spikes next to the fire escape.

What do you think happened ? I don't know but have surveyed the crime scene and I'm treating this as foul play.

There is no way a cat could get to my fire escape unless it climbed up a tree, jumped onto the bars sign and jumped off that onto the fire escape.

I have upstairs neighbors who could come down my fire escape and steal it, but that is unlikely. They have a dog, so I would doubt they have a cat and I don't think it could have made it back up the fire escape stairs.

I surveyed the crime scene and have found no blood on the fire escape, in the next or on the sidewalk below, so I don't think the baby got out and fell.

There was evidence of a struggle. I circled in red a piece of cookie I gave to the pigeons. In one picture the baby is sitting next to it, and when I looked out first thing this morning, the bread was outside the can (nest.)

Does this suggest death from above? The baby was pretty big, could a crow go in, scare off the father and take the baby with not spilling a drop of blood?

A hawk could have I think? Why is the bread out of the can? Why is there no blood?

or... were my upstairs neighbors pissed I kept opening and shutting the window to video the pigeons and kidnapped it? I guess I will never know :(

The pic is the last time momma and baby were together :( how sad :(


Kathleen said...

There are pigeon spikes up and you still had pigeon family? Very odd. It seems you liked the pigeons but a good visual deterrent along with the spikes should keep them away. (Bird-X) And I would not underestimate cats. They are extremely stealthy and excellent hunters. They like to kill birdies and bring them home to their masters as presents.

ODTU - TCS Iletisim Listesi said...

today my sister came screaming! we had a nest in our balcony. father was sitting in the nest and baby pigeon was muredered and was lying on the blood... Then my mom came and she started crying!!! can father or mother pigeon kill his/her baby? please tell me no!

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