Thursday, April 3, 2008

San Francisco Personal Training Pigeons sitting on eggs

I finally gave in and went online and researched pigeons. It turns out they always lay 2 eggs. This time the 2 eggs happen to be on my rusty fire escape in a rusty coffee can.

I had been anxious to catch the eggs hatching on my canon hg10 high definition camcorder, but I read that it takes 18 days for pigeon eggs to hatch under the right conditions.

I assume that fat momma pretty pigeon knows what the proper conditions are so I will hopefully see them hatch in about a week and a half.

I have been working long hours on my new website so I've been just sitting here with the pigeons. I look to my right now and see the big fat pretty momma pigeon just sitting in her rusty ghetto can.

I have noticed that there are 2 pigeons who take shifts sitting on the eggs. One comes at around 1pm and flies up to the railing of the fire escape, hops down to a pillow and then flies into the can.

The patience these pigeons have is amazing, I think the impatient pigeons' eggs will not survive. I blogged about the eggs under the fire escape.

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