Monday, April 14, 2008

1 egg Hatched - Is Mother Nature or God Sending me Messages ?

The picture on the Right is the actual baby pigeon on my fire escape.

The pigeon on the left is a picture of Balut which I found online.

March 24th is when I first noticed the pigeon in the rusty coffee can on my fire escape. I noticed the pigeons sharing nest building duties. A couple days later I noticed an egg in the center of their nest. March 29th I noticed 2 eggs in the can. I was anxious for them to hatch and looked out there often.

I finally read online that it takes 18 days of the fat pigeon sitting on the egg for them to hatch. I waited patiently and a couple days ago I noticed the fat pigeon was sitting on a baby pigeon.

SURPRISE baby pigeons are yellow.

I want to catch the second egg hatching on camera with my canon hg10 high definition camcorder but I don't know when it will hatch as the pigeon is sitting on top of it.

Here is where the story gets interesting...

I got to work Saturday morning. As I was walking into j + k fitness studio on Mission St. I noticed an uninvited guest. No JOKE, a wounded pigeon had made it's way down the 40 yard hallway and into the studio. As I walked in, it was hopping and hopped into the bathroom. I took a towel and followed it, until I could throw the towel over it and transport it back out onto mission st.

I thought, that was crazy, here is Mr. Pigeon Blogging San Francisco Personal trainer and for the first time in 3 1/2 years a pigeon enters my workplace. It was almost as if the pigeon was calling me for help.

My client I was training at the time has been dealing with many possibly serious health problems such as blood clots and possible cancer. It was the first time I had trained him in 3 months.

My father also had his last chemotherapy for non Hodgkin's Lymphoma the previous Saturday.

This had me thinking whether mother nature, god, or whoever is sending me signals about something ???? any ideas ?

Then off to Japanese Class which is in Pacific Heights / Japan Town. I was on my break, I walked down to Bush to a corner store to get a sandwich.

On the way out, Guess what ? Another wounded pigeon was sitting in the middle of the sidewalk! It wasn't there on the way in. I was kind of freaked out.

I got home from Japanese class a couple hours later and low and behold a pigeon egg hatched. I took a video of it and a picture of the baby pigeon.

It's not over... I get to the studio on Sunday to train a client and in the fridge is Balut from one of Jae's clients Ray, who I have been half jokingly talking about bringing me. Balut is not just duck eggs, but duck Embryo, an unhatched baby duck boiled in the egg! Balut is Filipino delicacy. THAT PICTURE OF BALUT (ABOVE) IS FROM THE NET, NOT MINE!

Last thing, today, when a pigeon flew out of the can, it accidentally dropped it's egg out of the can! So I went out on the fire escape and took a piece of tissue and put the egg back in the can.

All these things are coincidence? I am usually skeptical about every supposedly supernatural occurance, but could this be supernatural ?

Is God, Mother nature, Buddha, or whoever you believe in Sending me a message of some kind ? The reason I have noticed these pigeons so much is because I've been working countless hours on my new website I am perplexed and hope I don't have any more bird experiences.

The only logical explanation I can think of is this time of year Spring. During spring it is the time for birds to hatch.

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I think the Divine Pigeon Sect has a message for ya. Keep close watch over the next couple days and you'll see.

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