Wednesday, January 30, 2008

personal trainer Constantly Learning, Promoting & Sitting on my Butt

Promoting a website is very time consuming. Starting off there is a lot of entering and re-entering your personal data. I have spent the last 3 hours submitting a single article to article directories. From my limited experience and knowledge I have learned that this is a great way to get your name out there. I haven't even worked on my website today. But I did post a link to my fitness icons page on Hopefully people will like it.

I also have a paid article for a website I have to write by the beginning of next week. This is a huge challenge for me because I not only have to divulge a lot of information, I also have to keep the reader's attention and interest. My article is personal training related and since I'm a personal trainer and not a writer it will be very difficult for me.

All this website stuff is tremendously exciting for me. I can see a future of less work and more free time if I continue to get this web stuff going. The only problem is realistically it will take a year or two. At my current pace of spending hours in front of this computer and not getting paid but pennies, I risk the possibility of burnout.

Identifying this is part of the solution, but I know I have to act as well. I need to find some balance and it starts with exercising smart and eating less. I have been eating like a sumo lately with a friend in town and not exercising much. If I exercise intensely for short amounts of time, I shouldn't get too hungry. This will be good because my overall activity level is way down.

Maybe when the weather gets warm again I will start being more active but for now I need to tone down my diet and eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables and lean protein. I shouldn't eat out except for social situations. I have personal training today at 5 until 9 so I need to get to the gym within the next hour. Since I lifted weights yesterday I will do my 1st cardio session in almost a week today.


Today I will focus on cardio. Since I haven't did any intense cardio in almost a week, I may take it easy. I have some Kanji (Japanese characters) I need to study for my Saturday morning class so I may choose to get on a machine and work at about 65% of my max heart rate.

I have been mentioning this in my blog very often. If your body is tired or not accustomed to an intense workout, progression is key. Start at a manageable measurable level on a cardio machine and complete your session. You can build on it and next time attempt a more difficult level.

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