Sunday, January 13, 2008

I forgot to post yesterday!

I had a streak of posting for 10 days straight and it ended. It was an interesting Saturday yesterday. I was preoccupied with some NFL football which was marred by the terrible broadcasts which ruined 2 pretty good games. The trend continued today with 2 great games and some terrible broadcasting.

Yesterday I had the first class in my Beginning 3 Japanese course. It is going to be hard. We learned how to write our first kanji. If you don't know, kanji is the pictograms or characters of the Japanese alphabet. I already know the 2 kanas, Katakana and Hiragana which cover grammar and foreign words, such as my favorite, Makudonarudo or McDonald's.

Even though the kanji is incredibly complicated and could take a lifetime to learn completely, it will help me actually study because it's a matter of repetition. It will increase my experience next time I head to Japan also.

I have my new website ready to begin construction. The template is very versatile with drop down mouse-over menus. I have written down my plan and I already have an idea for over 40 pages. I should be doing it right now. What I really should do is cardio. I'm getting fat!


Eat your veggies!

Eating vegetables is something that many people struggle with since birth. My hypothesis is that most people inherently have a sweet tooth. Vegetables generally are not sweet, when you compare them to the other choices we have.

Choosing multiple vegetables with every meal and snack throughout the day will help control your appetite. Vegetables are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber which aid in a smooth digestion, and bulk to make you feel full. They also are rich in vitamins and minerals. Generally with each color vegetables are packed with phytochemicals which are beneficial anti-oxidants that fight cancers and sickness.

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