Friday, January 4, 2008

Trying to get back to being in the USA

I spent most of last night adding pages to my website I went to sleep around 2am and woke up at around 1:30pm. I still feel run down from Tokyo where I inhaled second hand cigarette smoke and was freezing all day and night.

I had a couple clients scheduled to train today, 2 of my favorite clients. These guys are 50 and 44 years old and are in tremendous shape. They have had the best results of any clients I have ever trained, and what did they do different? They both never ask questions, and follow my recommendations and one uses weight watchers and the other uses a dietitian to help with diet.

The weather in the SF bay area has been horrific. Wind and rain has caused numerous traffic problems, even though I don't drive :) My fitness studio where I work got flooded because the roof drain was clogged. It is Friday night, but I plan on spending all night working on my website.

I didn't' exercise today. I went to a ghetto crowded safeway and bought enough Lean Cuisine's to fill up my freezer. I personally think Lean Cuisine's are the best thing since sliced bread. They are all under 300 Calories, and very tasty. They have flash frozen vegetables, and no preservatives. As far as frozen meals go, they are top notch. Take 5 minutes to prepare, no clean up, no mess and cost only $2.00 when on sale. With a person like me, who would eat every last crumb of anything put in front of me, lean cuisine fills me up without craving anything else. I usually have a lean cuisine with a scoop of protein powder, or some chicken breast, or maybe even a 100 Cal bag of microwave popcorn. I always drink water and take my vitamins.

Well it is time for me to start working on my website, have a client at 10am tomorrow and hopefully I can get a workout in. Ciao

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