Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing is not fun! But Necessary, I should say Typing.

I just wrote my second article for ezinearticles.com It took me over an hour but overall I'm satisfied with it. To my astonishment it has around 500 words. It seemed like I was typing forever. As I was typing it I thought it would be a good page for my new website, which had me wondering if you can use your articles on your own site. I don't see why you couldn't. My first article Don't Be A Flat Liner on the website has been viewed a few times but nobody has used it on their site.

I am about ready to start my new website. My new domain has cleared escrow and I'm waiting for the current owner to transfer it to my host. That will give me the motivation I need to start it.... Excuse me, I just choked, start is such a terrible word to me. To get this website to where I want it, it may take a year. I have to do videos, pictures, and tons of writing.

I figure if I do a good job, it will generate income for me for years to come. I just can't get lazy and need to constantly edit it. I think I may look into getting a mini digital video camera. I remember when they were really expensive, now I think you can get them for like $200 at Costco.


Today I think I will do a little weight training and some high intensity interval cardio. My chest is still sore from the last time, so today I may do a little legs and some arms and maybe some pull ups. I did 23 last time which was pretty good for not training my lats very much over the last few weeks. I'm definately doing at least 30 minutes of cardio today because I don't have to start training client until 6pm.

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