Saturday, January 26, 2008

Sleeping Patterns ALL JACKED UP

I just got back from my Japanese class about a hour or so ago. Another class where I was thoroughly confused but still love it. I learned more charachters and I pretty much aced a quiz that went over last weeks charachters which I just really studied this morning.

I actually went to sleep a little after 12 midnight last night. I woke up in the morning around 6 and couldn't go to back to sleep. It may have been my friend from NYC who I am picking up at the airport that stressed me out. Probably my dad who was in the emergency room last night the most.

He has lymphoma and has been undergoing chemotherapy for a few months. He developed a fever over 100 degrees so my mom brought him to the emergency room. They determined he had pneumonia and put him on antibiotics. I called him and he sounded like crap. I will go visit later when I go pick up my friend from the airport.

I have been thinking of ideas for my new website which is going though a domain transfer right now and have some pretty good ideas to increase its search engine rank as well as number of pages.


Today I walked from Japantown to my apartment which took about 30 minutes. I don't think I will do any gym activities today because I don't feel up to it. Sometimes it is better just to not do anything or take a nap. Generally the next time you will have more energy and motivation.

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