Saturday, January 5, 2008

NFL = No Fun League

Once again my productive day was ruined by the No Fun League. I only had 3 training sessions today so I planned to do a bunch of web editing and goto the gym and work out. My plans didn't exactly go as well, planned as I sat and watched the better part of 2 okay games in the Playoffs. The games were very good, but what ruins it is the broadcast.

The NFL used to fun to watch. Now it is a ridiculous mix of terrible commercials and uncalled for commercial breaks. The worst thing is the announcers and broadcasts are absolutely horrific. I don't need to see an exciting touchdown with no instant replay. Followed by a boring extra point, which is then followed by a set of commercials. Then comes the boring kickoff which is followed by, again a terrible set of mind numbingly bad advertisements. I don't want to get into how absolutely pathetic the post game "Football Night in America" with Bob Costas and Keith Olberman is. It is not as bad as the Monday night broadcasting crew is though. Enough said, the NFL is on its last straw.

When the season is over I am canceling my TV cable service so I can be more productive and spend time reading, playing piano, studying Japanese and of course working on these websites.

I am going to keep it brief today because the NFL and lack of physical activity has put me in a bad mood. Not to mention poor diet. Sunday is my day off and I promise myself that I will not watch too much NFL unless I'm doing cardio at the gym.

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