Saturday, January 19, 2008

Nihongo kurasu wa musushikata desu.

If you don't know, that means Japanese class was difficult. I was up at 8am today which is 3 hours too early for me. Of course I didn't study enough and it was eident the first 5 minutes of class when I got destroyed by the quiz. I hae to make a conscious effort to study this week. I enjoy writing, but reading is very tedius and not fun.

My server is experiencing tons of problems since I switched my servers from windows to linux. No big deal, but gives me an excuse for not working on web sites as much. I watched 3:10 to Yuma and I'm watching No Counrty for Old Men right now while I'm on hold with my host and typing here.

I got a short workout today at the 24 hour fitness close to my Japanese class on Van Ness Avenue. I had to walk home before 3 training sessions so I got a decent amount of cardio in. MY biceps are still sore from doing 23 pull-ups yesterday. I kind of ruined my day when me and a friend had $43 worth of Indian food. It may not sound like much, but a normal person would spend less than 10 at an Indian restaurant.

I will have a stressful week because I really want to work on my websites, but have to train a decently busy schedule and have a friend coming to town to stay with me from New York City for 5 days. Hopefully I can still type on this blog. Tomorrow is the big day. The No Fun League has the championship games which will no doubt have me glued to my couch. Hopefully I'll get to the gym before noon!

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