Thursday, January 24, 2008

Being a Pesonal Trainer and Personal Training in San Francisco isn't all it's cracked up to be

Why do I think being a personal trainer and personal training in San Francisco isn't all it's cracked up to be? Being a personal trainer is great. I love personal training. The problem with being a personal trainer and personal training clients is just having to have an appointment at one time.

I am a personal trainer because I love personal training clients to achieving their fitness goals. Sometimes it doesn't seem that my clients are really into their personal training session. This is when being a personal trainer is most difficult. In San Francisco people have very busy lives and sometimes a personal training session is in the middle of their day and fitness is not something they want to let into their lives.

I have had many successes and many failures as a personal trainer. Personal training my clients I can sometimes see which ones will have success and which ones will fail. It mostly deals with listening to me during the personal training sessions. As a personal trainer it is must frustrating when a client does not listen to me, especially during the personal training sessions. I will tell them to perform the rep slowly and they always go fast or something like that.

Another thing that they don't listen is fitness advice from their personal trainer. Outside of their personal training sessions is when a personal trainer is most valuable. That is where their fitness goals will be accomplished and their personal training program will show results.

If you have read the typing of this crazy personal trainer so far, maybe you want personal training sessions? Well, I learned yesterday about how when a word such as personal training or personal trainer is used on a webpage many times, it will make your site do better in the search. Since blogs are always updated in the search, I decided to write personal and personal training many times. If it is true, it will discourage me a little bit, because I don't like being redundant and I think it looks bad. Even a personal trainer running clients through a personal training program can write better than that.


Today I have clients starting at 3pm. It is almost noon right now and I just drank 2 cups of coffee. My right shoulder isn't feeling good today, I may have slept on it wrong. I don't think today is a good day to lift weights. This brings up a point. If you don't feel like working out, provided you work out regularly, it is probably better off to wait until you do.

For example if you really feel like sleeping and you are supposed to goto the gym, goto sleep instead! Do you really think you have enough energy to be productive in the gym? This is not the case for me, but I'm a personal trainer and I need to give myself a personal training session today, which will be only 30 minutes cardio. By the way, yesterday I ran to the gym and both my Achilles tendons felt like they were going to snap! It is cold, but I really need to add stretching in my fitness program.

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