Thursday, January 3, 2008

Back from Distasterous Trip to Tokyo!

Sorry for not blogging while I was on my trip. I was supposed to be gone for 3 weeks but I ended up getting sick and coming back after 5 days. The trip was a downright disaster. It was winter there and freezing cold and raining off and on. Coupled with the cigarette smoke, drinking, and no vegetables my immune system got knocked out as if Mike Tyson hit it with an uppercut.

United Airlines added to my misery when they wouldn't let me board the flight I was late for, then canceled the next flight. I was stuck in a hotel for New Years Eve all alone. When I finally got a new flight the next morning I was upgraded to business class, which didn't really make a difference because of loud babies.

When I arrived in LAX for my transfer I was greeted by another flight cancellation. Thank you United, hopefully I get some freebies or miles or something for this terrible situation.

I have been back here in SF for 3 days now and am still feeling run down. Good news, I trained 3 clients today which felt good. They couldn't wait to start working out again. I even had a light workout myself where I felt strong enough to lift heavy, but I stuck to light weights and didn't do my cardio.

Now it is back to the drawing board. I plan to work on my San Francisco Personal Training Site for the rest of the night, which should give me 3 or more hours, if I don't turn on the TV. I hate TV, but I will get to that another day. Http:// is the site I plan to work on.

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