Sunday, January 20, 2008

Fitness Trainer turned Couch Potato

I just sat around all day and watched the AFC and NFC football championship games. I feel like a total bum and not a fitness trainer. I ate a giant amount of junk food and haven't even moved around all day.

I have been learning about search engine optimization and not typing what I should be doing. I am going to the gym tonight whether I like it or not. I am planning on getting a good weight training session and definitely doing some cardio. I can stay motivated during cardio by reading about website stuff. I should also study some Japanese while it's still relatively fresh in my head.

Since I have been doing fitness tip of the day on my website now so now every day I will have a section about my physical activity of the day. Keep in mind, I pride myself on being very fit. I train between 4-8 clients a day and have been working between 4-10 hours a day on my websites. This leaves little time to workout, and I'm struggling to stay in shape.

In 10 minutes I will goto the gym. I think it is time to start training by lifting lighter weights for higher reps (around 10-15) and doing some high intensity interval cardio. I sometimes get in the mode of doing the lazy cardio, but really need to focus on short bouts of high intensity intervals. In fact I may sprint to the gym instead of jogging.

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