Friday, January 25, 2008

What Rediculous Day

So much to do, and seems like I accomplished nothing. I went and did laundry and trained a couple clients but my place is still a mess, and I didn't do my Japanese homework yet.

I really want to work on websites and write more blogs and articles but I really need to get some housework done. My friend Nuchie from New York by way of Bangkok is coming tomorrow and I'm picking her up from the airport at 12:30pm.


Today I ran all over town, it was raining so hard it reminded me of living in Oregon. After training 3 personal training sessions, I was notified that my friend Jae's birthday dinner was canceled.

I just did a few sets of 225 on the bench press at the studio and a few sets of dumbbell curls. I went home, and here I am, a slacker who needs to do my Japanese homework and memorize my Kanji.

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