Sunday, January 27, 2008

"Fine Dining" is Overrated! for the Personal Trainer

I may as well ad eating out to the list as well. After going to this restaurant Boulevard in the financial district I am sitting here writing somewhat disappointed. The place was nice and the food good, but I would say with 100% confidence it was not worth $100+ to eat it.

I would probably feel the same right now if I went to an Indian buffet, bloated, sleepy , tired, and painfully full. The difference is if I went to an Indian buffet I would not be a couple hundred dollars poorer. We Went for a birthday party so I think it's justified but I don't think I want to goto "fine dining" establishments unless it's a social thing. To me it is like spitting in the face of all the poor people.

Speaking of poor people, I learned something last night that made me bad. Every so often I see homeless people begging for money by trying to sell you this fake newspaper called the Street Sheet. I obviously scoffed at these people just as most people do to beggars in the streets here in San Francisco. I found out last night though that the paper is put out so it gives the homeless a quasi legitimate way to earn money.

From now on I will be sure to give the homeless people selling the Street Sheet a dollar or two. I will also spread the word about the Street Sheet to all my personal training clients.

Today is the 2nd to last day my friend Nuchie from NYC is in town. We are going to tour some sites around the city and maybe Marin county. I haven't been working on my blogs or web presence lately but a break is a good thing.


I haven't been working out either very much, but a break sometimes can be a good thing.

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