Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Creating an Empire!

Well, I'm definitely not anywhere close to that yet. It does seem like I'm putting some web content out there though. I threw out a new site last night called which has travel, shopping, finance, car and computer tips. Today I worked on my abdominal site all day so far.

I'm still waiting for the domain exchange to give me my new domain. That will put the pressure on me to create my ultimate website that I can build my empire on. I have a vision that in a couple years I will be generating a significant income online and will not have to train too many clients. This is good, because the less personal training clients I have, the better personal trainer I am and the better results the clients get.

How was that for a run-on sentence! I'm still working on these writing skills. I really have to study my kanji which are the 10 Japanese characters I learned last Saturday. The next week will be bad for work, because my friend Nuchie is coming to visit from New York. She is flying out here for the 2nd January in a row to get away from the sub zero temperatures of NYC.

I have to rent a car and leave my Japanese class early on Saturday and miss out on a few training sessions. I will probably not be able to blog or work on my websites too much, that wouldn't be a good host now would it.

I have a client at 5 and it is almost gym time. I plan to leave in 10 minutes, and get back right at 4:30.


Today I don't think I can handle weight training. My elbows are both hurting I think due to the cold temperatures or maybe typing too much. I will run to the gym in sprint intervals, get there and bust out my kanji sheet while I'm on either the Stairmaster or elliptical trainer. I will try to get in at least 30 minutes of high intensity, sweat flying cardio and hopefully have some time to stretch. Even though I have an ergonomic kneeling chair, it sucks sitting for many hours during the day.

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