Thursday, January 10, 2008

Fitness Icons

I have been kind of stressed out in making pages for my websites. I have been even more stressed out trying to figure out my future websites.

I decided to lighten things up and do a fun page about fitness icons that I see every time I turn on the television.

In the early days fitness was kind of a side show. It then became primarily associated with bodybuilders and athletes. Not a side show, but definitely not mainstream.

Nowadays you're more likely to see overweight office workers than body builders in a gym. The fitness industry has become widespread and is a billion dollar a year industry.

You can't turn on the television for 10 minutes without seeing a commercial for a fitness product, gym, or celebrity workout video. Some look tantalizing and some are downright cheesy.

Over the years there has been successful products, failures and one year wonders. Remember the electric abs belt? One thing that has endured in the fitness industry is the people who have brought fitness to the mainstream...

Fitness Icons

The names I came up with were Arnold, Richard Simmons, John Basedow, Tony Little, Jack LaLanne, Jane Fonda, Kiana Tom, body by Jake and Gunnar Peterson. You can see more on my website


Drink up!

Water is very important. Everybody knows it but the importance of H2O is still underrated. Being properly hydrated can increase your metabolism by 3% compared to being dehydrated. It may not sound like much but 3% is about how much the now illegal diet pill ephedra increased your metabolism!

The only side effect of drinking more water is more frequent trips to the restroom, which will pass in time. Drinking a 16 oz. glass of ice cold water will burn 17.5 Calories! It is scientific and mathematical.

So start drinking water. I recommend for weight loss at least 1 gallon a day.

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