Monday, January 7, 2008

Football watching wasted time is almost over!

Another day of not doing my cardio. It is very bad but also very good. I'm consumed by creating a web presence for myself. Since I made the very post for this blog I haven't spent much time doing anything else other than working on my websites.

Today was the first day of advertising my website for personal training in San Francisco. It seems like the personal training businesses are very busy at this time due to lack of advertisements on craigslist.

My quest to find clients who are eager to get results has begun today. I would definitely prefer to work more online and work with fewer clients in the gym because I will give them better service than when I was training 45 sessions per week.

I'm very excited to be approaching the end of football season so I can cancel my cable. While tonight was the national championship game which was the end of college football.

College football needs a playoff. It is plain and simple. I could write a book on how much I am disappointed in college football's system for determining a champion. LSU has 2 losses albeit both in double overtime. But how can you discredit Kansas who plays in the Big 12 and had a better record than LSU. LSU would probably beat Kansas by 35 on paper but still. There needs to be a real system.


Weight Belts...

You used to see weight belts on many people in the gym. Today you see very few wearing them. I get mixed emotions about that. Is it because people just aren't lifting heavy enough weights to warrant the use of a belt? Or is it because people realize that it is best to not lift with a belt to strengthen the core muscles?

I don't know the answer but I will tell you that a weight belt should only be used for a squat or dead lift that is more intense than a 5RM or 5 rep maximum. It is a misconception that weight belts support. Weight belts actually give you an artificially strong core by compressing your stomach. The leather of the belt is now tight across your mid section and acts as very strong core. The strong core muscles is what keeps your back safe.

So unless you are going for your dead lift or squat max, save the belt for that special occasion.

Can't wait to be back tomorrow!

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