Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Writing a Neverending Process....

I got my 1st article accepted at I thought you had to get 10 approved before they released yours, but they release it immediately upon approval and call you an expert. I wonder if they went to my website and viewed my resume?

Who knows, the internet is a faceless mess. There are people trying to make money from dishonest and tricky tactics everywhere you look online. That is why I think my idea for my website is a blueprint for success. The only problem is I need to get started. The domain I was looking to buy has got me in a tricky situation.

On the domain auction website it was listed for 6500. Stupid me just jumped right in there and offered 3500. I second guessed myself and after I made contact with the current owner got an appraisal done. I don't know how appraisals work but I got the site appraised at 285. I made an offer which was 1200% over the appraised price.

Personally I like the domain a lot and think it's worth more than 285 but I made a counter offer, which I hope will do. I offered 1285 which is about 400% of the appraised price. Even though I have the guy's phone number I emailed him.

I really despise negotiating or bartering for money. I try to avoid it all costs, but not being a trillionaire sometimes you can't afford to shell out 1200% of the value of something.

Fitness TIP of the DAY:

Concentrate on the NEGATIVE!

Don't Make the Weight Trainers Single Biggest Mistake

The single biggest mistake I always see in the gym is not concentrating on the negative part of the lift.

You can break down most weight training movements into 3 movements. The eccentric phase is when you are lowering the weight with gravity (i.e. lowering the bar toward the chest on the bench press). The concentric phase is when you are lifting the weight (dumbbell, cable stack, body weight) up or against gravity. The isometric phase is in between phases when the weight stopped and ready to change directions.

The eccentric or negative phase of the lift is where your muscles can handle the most weight. You can lower 40% more weight than you can lift (concentric phase) in most exercises.

This means you will work a larger percentage of your muscle mass by having more volume and time-under-tension. So be aware of the tempo you are lifting your weights to. A good start is to count one, one thousand, two, one thousand while you lower the weight. Have a one second count for the positive and pause.

Try this for a week while maintaining the same workout regimen and you will see a tremendous improvement in as little as 2 weeks.

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